"His sadistic smile is only part of his pleasure in drowning the unfortunate who ventures into his territory."


Papa Squid is an aquatic boss with great mobility. With the objective of defending his most precious treasure, Papa Squid manifests many attacks from a distance. He is also able to cover a good part of the battle arena with his long tentacles. It's attack varieties offer a real challenge to survivors when it comes to facing it.

Background Story

Papa Squid, once the leader of a relatively peaceful underwater town, now resides in a very solitary part of the ocean with his followers after the recent destruction caused by climate change. Furthermore, he feared that humans would attempt to salvage his chest for the recently developed portable vehicle, the Jetski. He moved far away with his large chest which held the secrets of easy water travel. He knew that if survivors knew how to traverse through the waters easily, his relatively solitary lifestyle would be ruined. Only recently have survivors found this colossal beast along with learning the insides of the chest. They were getting greedy, and Papa Squid was not underprepared for this. He grabbed his hunting trident, an anchor, and mustered all of his followers that were determined enough to die for his cause. He was ready to put up a fight with the survivors. Little did he and his followers know, this charge was basically a suicide mission.


  • The big chest has a Jetski.
  • Normal chests for event items.
  • 1,000 XP
  • Won Aquatic Event 2019 [Badge]


  • Jump constantly to have a better chance of avoiding most of his attacks.
    • Although jumping is usually helpful, it can still lead you to a deadly situation such as getting shocked by jellyfishes or getting tripped by pufferfishes.
  • It is recommended to bring a high ranged weapon when fighting Papa Squid as the arena is very big.
  • You can triple jump when he does his spin attack and use the Duck Mount to fall slower.
  • Using The Flakvest is good way to survive the Iron Rainfall Attack.
  • Using the Jetpack can allow you to dodge attacks and recover from being knocked off the map.
    • A good alternative whenever knocked off the map is Rocket Sleigh, use it to boost yourself back to the platform.
  • You can jump in the air to escape the Iron Rainfall Attack.
    • However, you are unable to double jump when he does this attack. The Duck Mount will come in handy in this situation. 
  • Don't get too close to Papa Squid, as he is able to use his Wriggling Wrath and Grab Trap attack and potentially do a lot of damage or even kill you if you are not prepared.
  • Flying and launch-able items (RPG, M202, Grenade, Molotov etc.) go up because they are in the water. You need to throw them a little below to get a good aim.
  • When Papa Squid sits on his chest, he will use the Iron Rainfall Attack.
  • He will bug a lot if you abuse the Harpoon too much, and he will die instantly.
  • Sometimes Roblox Physics can push you if you stand on his head when he is dropping Anchor, be careful.


  • This is the first boss to be based on an aquatic species.
  • Papa Squid is the second "aerial" boss.
    • The first being Ducky, letting her fly with the egg bomb attack.
  • The boss model has been commissioned by Rockynic.
    • However, the model was originally ordered to replace the swarmer's hive from his aquatic costume.
  • Based on the shape of Papa Squid, he resembles as an octopus more than a squid.
    • Squids have more of a triangular/conic body than Papa Squid's spherical body, which is the body shape of an octopus.
  • First boss with "anti cheats"
    • Does not drop the chests or key if killed from a bug or glitch.
  • Inside Papa Squid's head is the sphere that allows him to move, or more called as "The Big Brain", if you kill Papa Squid, he may lose his "big brain" or giant spherical, preventing him to move and would ragdoll.



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