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"See very far off into the distance so you can shoot things. What did you expect? It's just an attachment..."
―Alekzandra Zaryanova


This along with other scopes basically provides a straight upgrade to rifles. Buy it as soon as possible.

Background Story

The PSO-1 Scope is one of the few optics to exist for simply one gun. It was designed for the Dragunov for the role of a military's marksmen. The scope features bullet drop compensation and has a zoom level of four times what the human eye can see.


  • Use this as you would use a Viper scope.
  • The sections on the scope can help you compensate for target movement.
  • Buy this along with the Bipod to further increase the accuracy of the Dragunov.



  • Accuracy increased from 25 to 75 in v0.7.8.
  • Range increased from 0 to 100 in v0.7.8.
  • Skin Support added in v1.1.4.

  • The original scope was intended for the original model of the Dragunov.

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