"An interesting shape, an interesting magazine, an interesting way the bullets are loaded into the barrel, this gun is all sorts of interesting!"


The P90 is a high rank automatic weapon that can easily set you far ahead of all the zombies. Coupled with a fast firerate, high ammunition, decent damage, decent range, and decent accuracy, this will probably make everyone jealous of you. Just note the high price tag and rank requirement. This isn't a freebie given by PlaceRebuilder.

Background Story

The Belgian P90, used by counter-terrorist teams prior to the outbreak, has been modified and certified to be safe to mass produce by R-Brain Hardwork's European sister-company. Modifications and changes to make the weapon more suitable for production are highly likely.

Once again, the company's efficient (cheap) way of manufacturing weapons has changed many aspects of the gun, though, unexpectedly, it's actually even better than it was before! The range and accuracy compensate for the decreased ammunition count, with its damage and DPS somehow being stronger than the M249 LMG!


  • With the high firerate, you have to try to conserve ammo.
    • You can manage ammo conversation by firing in short bursts.
    • This weapon is surprisingly good at hoard control due to its firerate.
  • With a higher DPS, this can be considered a deadlier Famas.
    • It's best to deal headshots to maximise efficiency.
    • Tap fire so you don't miss a shot.
      • This also applies if you're trying to kill mobs from afar.
    • Using those extra magazines given from armor will help.
  • Using the CK Swat/Rambo Knife with this can be a devastating combo.
  • Crouching gives the P90 an accuracy boost.
    • You will have more chance of dealing damage at medium range this way.
  • The P90 is slightly worse in boss fights than the M249 as it deals less total damage.
    • However, this does have a better DPS statistic than the M249.
  • In Team Deathmatch and Free For All, the high DPS statistic and the decent accuracy may mean this is an unbeatable weapon on the battlefield, especially at medium ranges.


  • High DPS
  • High Rate of Fire
  • High Magazine Ammo
  • High Reserve Ammo
  • High Total Damage
  • Automatic


  • No Attachments
  • Expensive
  • High Ranked


  • Second bullpup weapon in the game, the first being Famas.
  • This is second behind the Tri-Blaster for highest rank requirement in-game.
    • This is also the most expensive primary weapon in-game.
    • This is the highest ranked primary weapon in-game.
  • The Restricted Access skin is similar to P90 Forensics skin.
    • It is also the first skin to be partially transparent.
  • The Starbust skin is similar to LLENN's P90 from Gun Gale Online.
  • There is no visible bolt on the weapon model, whereas in real life there would normally be one.

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