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Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

P3NG-W1N's Toyland

"Since when do birds play with toys, AND are made of METAL!?"


After defeating Frigice, you make it to the toy island where P3NG-W1N lies, waiting for the survivors to meet their fate. But hey look, toys!

Background Story

After the incident of "Icy Scouts", a military group (from a bunker near the North Pole called 'Northern Lights") set out to look for the perpetrator. Going throughout the harsh terrain of Icy Wonderland, they come across a coast of what was the edge of Icy Wonderland. They were finally close to the location that the dead Commander from "Icy Scouts" marked, close to the man behind the slaughter. They were certain that they could avenge their comrade.

Those were their final thoughts before everyone blacked out.

Upon waking up from their forced slumber, the remaining militia looked at their comrades and their surroundings. The location suddenly changed. Buildings made out of colorful blocks surrounded them. A toy train continuously passed by them from time to time. They had no idea when and how they arrived to the island. It even seemed as if the icy ground was also made of blocks.

But what was most unbelievable out of these oddities was waiting across the other side of the island. It exhaled its smoke and gas, and the robot penguin breathed its lifeless words to the survivors.

"Macaroni.exe activated. Initiating extermination mode."

They have arrived at their destination, and they were determined to take over its playground at all costs.


  • Watch out for the train, its front will damage and trip players!
    • However, one can safely walk on top of the locomotive and train cars.
    • If any section of the train tracks is destroyed, or if P3NG-W1N directly disturbs the train with one of its attacks, it will derail, and in some cases will be sent flying, knocking players into the water or even out of the map.
  • The block buildings are recommended, as you can hide under structure when the rockets fall.
  • If you are frozen and fall into the water, you will sink to the bottom. Swim to the surface or use a Jetpack to get to the surface as fast as you can.
    • This also ignores the Froggo's Float effect.
  • You can stop the train by placing a M2 Tripod on the tracks, but it can sometimes glitch out and fly everywhere.
  • Keep watch for any flying blocks after P3NG-W1N's attacks. A piece of debris could slam right into you and launch you off the map.
  • If several teammates get blown into the water, use an Acorn to heal them before they potentially drown before resurfacing.
  • You can use the Jetski to avoid most of the danger, but it's not recommended as you can get hit by a torpedo from P3NG-W1N's Navy Call.


  • The blocks the arena is made out of are similar to the blocks found in Chronos Quest and Chronos Dimension.
  • Although not credited, Lynncol_n, 786r786 & LITTLEROBBY11 contributed on the creation of this map.