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"Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
When R2D 2014 gave us the joy we need but now we’re stressed out"
―Stressed Blocks By Twenty One Blox


Outskirts is a large map set near some mountains.

The map mainly revolves around the railroad running across the middle of the map. Other structural features include a broken bridge across a small estuary.

Background Story

Even before the outbreak, the Outskirts of Portland and Blackfield Station were a popular location for tourists, with the massive bridge overlooking the sea, the train station that used to be there and the clock tower. Outskirts was also famed for its unbiased news station "Reason 2 Live".

After SANI hit, Outskirts was abandoned almost immediately, left to rot after the Gun Shop sold all of its stock (at incredibly low prices for apocalypse reasons). Very few people stayed behind and those who did would eventually pack up and leave. This quiet place then became festering with zombies, but no one bothered to remember this town.

Supposed "veterans" of the SANI virus often recall annoying experiences with infected bats and muscular grey beings, but it's probably just some made-up thing these old folks like to make up. Well, the few things that ended up being true are the Stalkers and the Elementals, but other than that, their status as veterans remains dubious at best.


Players initially spawn in small car park outside two shops. One is named "Bob Samty's Groceries" and the other being "Lord's Gun Shop". They both lead to the railroad when you exit through the back.

There is an abandoned building and tower next to the railroad. Moving across the railroad bridge is a news studio, aptly named "Peterson Studios". There is also a railway station next to one of the train wagons. Outside the station, there is little to note other than a small building and a repair shop named "Eric's Mechanics".

On the lower level, there is a network of sewers and waste treatment buildings. There is also what appears to be a worker lounge for railroad employees. Heading outside, there is a broken bridge which, if dived straight past, leads to a small, insignificant island.


  • For quick mobility, the Rocket Sleigh, Duck Mount and Jetpack are recommended.
    • The mountains can be gotten through via these three items. Be warned, going too high up will kill you.
    • The water in this map is safe, so the Jetski may also be a viable option
  • Diggers are somewhat of a nuisance here. Kill as soon as possible to avoid being flung into the water.
  • There are many Ammo Stations and Supply Boxes here. Don't be afraid to utilise these.
  • The tower is somewhat useful to camp on. Just be careful of Brutes and Swarmers.
    • The sewers is far from ideal to enter without teammates. Try to avoid.
    • The island is also a bad place to camp due to the fact there is nothing of significance to hide behind or use.


  • Outskirts is a returning map from R2D 2014, with several new buildings.
  • Peterson Studios is a reference to jopede, an R2DA admin and YouTuber, who refers to himself as 'John Peterson' whenever he is commentating in an R2DA-related news video.
  • The news set located in the Peterson Studios is a replica of the original one made by Rockynic.
    • The original model was used for the realisation of a GFX found in many maps to date.
  • The name "Lord's Gun Shop" is a reference to a former R2DA moderator, Lord0rder.
  • This map is tied with Suburbs with the most amount of Supply Boxes at 17.
    • This map also uses four different types of Doors.
  • The shop called "Bob Samty's Groceries" is a tribute to Bob Samty, a former R2DA player.