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Outpost 21

"We traveled very far, so far, tickers don't exist out here. That's why you see none on this map."


Outpost 21 is an abandoned, military grade munitions factory. It also appears to be nuclear-powered or producing nuclear weapons, judging by the large nuclear stacks.

Background Story

Back before the SANI Virus became a threat, Outpost 21 used to be a military-controlled facility. When the virus hit, the personnel stationed there packed up everything they needed and quietly left the outpost to rot.

Eventually, the remains of the Outpost were quickly rediscovered by a group of survivors. By the time they'd arrived, the outpost had been filled to the brim with starving zombies, who had moved in quite recently, scavenging for human remains.

A sort of vibe gave off to some of the survivors in the group - feelings of a certain crowbar wielding maniac, leading a rebellion in a planet ruled by a tyrannical alien empire. Those same survivors reckon it's because of the architecture that reminded them of such thing - or how lonely and deserted the place was, even with each other's back.

Heh. What a stupid thought.


There are two distinct open air segments on this map. They are connected by a series of doors, opened by a series of panels, near one of the open air parts. Various military paraphernalia can be found scattered around the map as well as nuclear cooling stacks.

The tight corridors are subject to Brute clubs and smashes. However, some parts are open air, where you may be ambushed by zombies from above.


  • The gate controls can be located in the control room overlooking the centre of the map. There are also alternative gate controls within the buildings. In total, there are 4 control panels.
    • You can trap players in Free For All if you are clever with the gate controls.
    • However, zombies can destroy the doors with 20 hits. Use the doors wisely.
  • If you are having trouble clicking the buttons, try in third person as they cannot be opened in first person.
  • Tickers and Stalkers are not allowed on this map.
    • Stalkers aren't allowed due to the fact they're too tall to go through the doors.
  • As a zombie, utilise close combat mobs, such as the Digger and the Brute.
  • Don't go too high up the map, you will be restricted by invisible walls.


  • Named after SWAGER21, (Now GDILIVES or JOHN ROBLOX) a previous head moderator in R2DA, and named after a map in a 2001 game.
    • A part of this map is based from a 2001 game.
  • Third current map to have zombie restrictions, fourth overall.
  • AI Tickers still spawn on this map.
  • Prior to v1.4.4, this was a regular map before being transferred over to greenlight.