NoobBuster is the R2DA security system that kicks a player when exploiting is suspected, which triggers the system.

It kicks instead of banning the user because it can be falsely triggered without exploiting in the first place.

What are codes?

Codes are required to make sure no exploiter can false fire RemoteEvents to damage other players.

What do I do if I'm NoobBusted?

Just re-join the game, it doesn't ban or hurt you in any way.

Why do some of the NoobBusters listed here have hidden reasons or situations?

They are hidden on purpose. This is for security reasons.

Where does the name NoobBuster come from?

NoobBuster most likely derives from the anti-exploit software, Punkbuster.

Current Codes

Only add Triggers if they can be reliably repeated. If not, they must not be added. Items must also have a quantitative value, not "too fast".

Number Official Situation Triggers Types
NoobBuster x0 Bypassing max player slots or loading error in Single Player. N/A
NoobBuster x1 Unexpectedly hidden user. N/A
NoobBuster x2 In-game change of Community rank. N/A
NoobBuster x3 Security codetable did not load. N/A
NoobBuster x4 Remotely kicked from another server. N/A
NoobBuster x5 Requiring non-existent code. Buy an item while dead in Team Deathmatch.
Zombies start to die everytime you spawn. Associate with that spawn while lagging.
Crouching while killing someone with boo buster.
  • DiggerKnock
  • Luger P08
  • ElementalFireball
  • EdgarTounge
  • FlagBlock
  • Boo Buster
  • IceSledgeBlock
  • Steyr M
  • SwarmerThrow
  • BruteSmash
  • Mount
NoobBuster x6 Tried to talk as a Guest. N/A
NoobBuster x7 Tried to modcall as a Guest. N/A
NoobBuster x8 Loaded at an unknown time. Spawn more than 2 times while lagging.
NoobBuster x9 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x10 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x11 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x12 Tripped at an unknown height. N/A
NoobBuster x13 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x14 Digging as a Digger during restricted times. Digging at the end of an Arena or Undead Battleground wave.
NoobBuster x15 Unknown Grab more than 3 Tickets or Chests when lagging.
Releasing a player captured by the crane as an Edgar.
NoobBuster x16.1 Unknown Killing a survivor as soon as they unmount in PVP Gamemodes.
NoobBuster x16.3 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x16.8 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x17 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x18 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x19 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x20 Failure to load GUIs. Press ready before the roblox completely loads the current active round.
NoobBuster x21 Exceeding wait() time Shoot with Pumpkin Bot while lagging.
Exploding as Elemental very fast a lot of times.
Destroying objects with the Digger while lagging.
NoobBuster x22 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster x24 Unknown N/A
NoobBuster TP Incur a high velocity or speed. N/A

Removed Code(s)

Number Situation
NoobBuster x16 N/A, removed for causing client instability.
NoobBuster x5 (ZMG) N/A, removed for causing client instability.

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