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No Mercy Hospital

"On the grand scheme of things, a hospital would be perfect during a zombie apocalypse. Sadly, the dying patients became infected with the deadly SANI virus and now hunger for human flesh. Few will make out of this hospital alive."


No Mercy is a large major hospital.

Not only is it large, but it's also quite dark since the power is out. You can't see your own hands in this darkness, let alone those helpful nametags that let you know when a zombie is approaching you.

Background Story

Amid the confusion that was at the beginning of the apocalypse, No Mercy Hospital was one of the first to respond to the cry of help. In a surprising amount of time, they rescued dying people from the streets and placed them under their care. You couldn't imagine their surprise when their patients turned on them.

Without a doubt, this was one of the biggest hospitals in the world. It's set to house a small city in a rather confined space. With the lower floors swarming with infected, the remaining people had no choice but to retreat to the higher floors. They used whatever they could to cut themselves off from the rest of the hospital.


The survivors spawn on the roof of this building, with a Helicopter pad and several bridges, one of which has been destroyed. It's unknown how many floors the building truly has, as fog covers the ground below.

One floor down is a reception area. A hole down to the next can be found behind the cash register in the Gift Shop. Another is found near the receptionist's desk, down a small alcove.

No Mercy also contains several patient rooms down another floor, each having their own bathroom. A generator room can also be found that is most likely what is keeping the remains of the power still running.

There is also an inactive elevator shaft that, while the elevators no longer function, the ladder inside the shaft certainly does. As an alternative to the elevator shaft, there are stairs. Many zombies spawns are located there though, so exercise caution. Just three floors down, you can find a barricade, effectively closing off the rest of No Mercy.

On one side on the lowest floor, a balcony can be accessed by breaking the windows, revealing a ladder to the roof on the outside.


  • It's possible to get on top of the radio tower with some climbing.
  • If bringing the Remington 700 or SCAR-H, equipping the LP Hawkview helps with sight.
  • Consider the blast radius of any explosives you happen to throw around.
  • All zombie nametags are turned off.
    • In general, you have to be extremely aware of all of your surroundings.
      • You can turn on your flashlight by pressing "X" on your keyboard.
    • Pay attention to moving lights and be aware of any hissing noises in the dark.
    • It's normal for Edgar to be silent, but you always knew where they were. Watch out for flying tongues.
  • Watch out while a Brute or a Digger is outside. If you're caught in a bad spot, you can be flung off the map.
  • If an Edgar captures you while you're on a bridge, chances are you'll be dragged off it and fall into the abyss.
  • When barricading inside the hospital, beware of a Brute or a Ticker ruining your day.
  • This map has big windows and therefore a plentiful amount of shards.
    • Be aware that an Elemental can easily hurt itself to easily charge Brutes or transform.
      • It's highly recommended to bring a Fire Extinguisher or Faraday Vest into the round to take care of them.
      • The lowest floor is especially dangerous — it could easily become a breeding ground for death.
  • If you are on the roof or near the edges and are in a pinch, you can use weapons that have the push effect to push zombies off the building and to their doom.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.


  • Unlike many R2DA maps, this is the first map to be dim and dark.
  • The rain this map possesses could not be turned off until v0.9.0a.
    • The visual rain automatically turns off if your Graphics Setting is below 3 to keep you running smoothly.
  • As of v0.9.3, explosions don't go through floors.
    • This is to counter a Brute that can kill anyone by throwing their club towards the roof where people stand.
  • No Mercy is a remake of No Mercy from R2D 2014.
    • Prior to it's appearance in R2DA, No Mercy did not feature the gift shop and hospital rooms you could enter, and the rooftop had a completely different layout.
    • However, it as a whole was highly inspired by the No Mercy campaign from Left 4 Dead.
      • More specifically, the Hospital and Rooftop Finale chapters, which both feature the interior and rooftop of the hospital respectively.
  • This map contains many Easter eggs:
    • "No one is below normal" and the Hacker Modcall poster was made by BelowNatural.
    • There are plushies of PlaceRebuilder and FullPrism (Fighterofffriend1007) in the gift shop.
    • There's a poster of SWAGER21 with an attached tagline of "R2DA MOD".
    • Various posters on the bottom floor include various famous quotes.
      • For some reason, they have been removed, so now only blank posters can be seen.
  • In v1.4.0, the glass pane leading into the hospital from the spawn was removed, as it often trapped players inside because they couldn't break the glass in some modes such as Melee Smash and Free Brawl.