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Newhaven Port

"вообще, PlaceRebuilder построил эту карту, чтобы заменить Викторию Харбор, но что-то у него мнение поменялось. ещё хорошо, что он добавил ЭТУ карту, и не тронул Харбор. чтобы было тогда? как бы люди на это отреагировали???"


Newhaven Port is a coastal map that takes place, unsurprisingly, in a port. It is quite expansive with a ship docked near the docks of this map. Warehouses and containers can also be found around the map, giving it an industrial feel.

Background Story

The fall of Victoria Harbor proved detrimental to the survivors and the people who were leading rescue efforts; in the years that followed, they sought out for another location to settle in. The heavy quarantine of Great Britain made it harder for survivors to find new locations to settle in, as the government of the country began to fear further spreads of SANI.

The Newhaven Port in East Sussex, England, was to become the new location where survivors would be dropped off at and allowed entry into whatever remained of the United Kingdom, that is if they managed to get past the strict security protocol. Essentially, Newhaven Port was considered to be the "successor" to Victoria Harbor. It was smaller and less sufficient, but it'll have to suffice.

However, the fears of the British government would prove to be true; mere weeks after Newhaven Port became a key location for rescue teams to drop off survivors, an outbreak would emerge once again from a ship that originated from nearby 1930's Kingstreet as zombies escaped from the containers within. With all entrances to Newhaven Port shut down by the British government and the ships to the port redirected (once again), the survivors found themselves having to rely on the same helicopter pilot that had saved them countless times.


Although based on the real-life Port of Newhaven in East Sussex, England, the location is noticeably more "industrial" with more containers being stored.

Players spawn in a parking space of sorts. Right of the spawn is a warehouse and a radio tower as well as some trees and containers. Right in front of the spawn is a massive ship, docked next to some cranes. One of the cranes has fallen down, making a somewhat direct link to the ship.

The ship itself is quite basic, with some containers and a basic bridge. To the right of the spawn are some cooling towers and a massive cliff drop to the lower portion of the map. This part of the map is near sea-level and various roads can be seen entering tunnels. There is a container yard and a blue warehouse, where the Helicopter in Rescue lands. Hills surround the south and east side of the map, while water surrounds the north and west side.


  • Due to the map's size, it's best to have a mount with you. The Ice Rhino, Mini Crab, Rocket Sleigh and Toy Plane are good picks.
    • The Duck Mount is good for getting to high places, which is very common.
  • The water here is lethal. Don't stand close to the edge of the map as Diggers can easily trip you.
  • Bring the Jetski to escape hoards of zombies as you may need a quick escape from the crane or the ship.
  • During Rescue, to get on top of the blue warehouse, you must jump onto the containers next to the warehouse.


  • The map is named after the Port of Newhaven, a real-life place in East Sussex, England.
  • The boat for Newhaven Port was originally supposed to be the U.S.S. Zurius ship, but due to the size of the ship, LimitedSalvation and Zurius both decided to make it separate maps.
  • Originally, this map was meant to replace Victoria Harbor.
  • Many shipping containers around the map are marked for Sinister Arms Inc.