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"Living life in the life of a noob I rarely use my gun"


Newbie is a weapon given to the player during the tutorial. It is a modified Steyr M with a Trainee skin applied to it.

Background Story

While groups of survivors were creating training courses for new recruits, they needed a weapon for recruits to use. Since L-Brain Sidework gave the Steyr M out for free, they allowed new recruits to try it out before they got the real thing. To conserve ammo, they gave only one extra magazine and 3 bullets per mag. They also used the Trainee skin to signal that the person holding it was a recruit. The use of this weapon was limited to training courses.


  • Conserve ammo. You don't have much, so try to aim for headshots.
    • Treat this like a Steyr M with low ammo.


  • High Damage
  • High DPS
  • Quick Reload


  • Tutorial Exclusive
  • Low Total Damage
  • Low Damage per Magazine
  • Low Reserve Ammo
  • Low Magazine Ammo
  • No attachments


  • This weapon is only usable through the tutorial.
  • This has the least ammo out of all handguns, with the CK Swat being second.
  • The name Newbie comes from the words New and Noobie.
  • The Newbie uses the old animations and old sounds from the Steyr M.

There is an item that looks really similar.
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