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New Bloxcoast II

"Working elevator? Check. People camping on the roof? Check. Nostalgia? Check. Someone from Czechoslovakia? Czheck. Bats diving to push players off the roof? Thank goodness thats not a check."


New Bloxcoast II takes place in a big city with numerous buildings and a big building in the right corner with a helipad on its roof.

Background Story

The road from Portland led to yet another faded remnant in veteran survivors' memories - New Bloxcoast, once the biggest, most famous city, perhaps in the entire world, known for one of the most beautiful skylines, one of the most powerful economies and for being one of the most stereotypical spots to move in and out of in the world. No matter how special your city is, however, the SANI doesn't care. As with many other towns, this once beautiful city is now solely remembered by the survivors that passed through it as a dark, broken, hellish town just like any other.

The survivors will never get the chance to realise this, but the city is perfect. The skylines offer a place to rest, and the many apartment buildings are full of potential for the thousands of survivors that require a home.

It all doesn't matter in the end.


A large city with multiple buildings, most of which are able to be entered. There is the main building, gas station, shooting range, construction site and more. Survivors spawn underneath the highway bridge. It can be climbed on top of, but it cannot cross the body of water, for that section is a drawbridge, which has been raised and cannot be lowered.

The main building is right of the highway. This is the tallest building and where the Helicopter will land.


  • Don't go and/or stand near the tank next to the gas station. Someone could shoot meaning anyone caught within its radius will die, no matter what health you are at. This also applies to zombies.
    • This will instantly kill any mob, besides the Charged Brute, as the smaller tank deals 1,000 damage while the bigger tank deals 2,000 damage.
  • If you find this map a tad bit dark, turn on your flashlight by using "X".
  • While camping on the main building roof with a Hammer seems like a good idea, Brutes can easily breach defences and Zombies can use the Upgrade Climb to scale the building. Furthermore, Swarmers can throw their hives into the roof of the floor below.
  • There is a working elevator in the tall building with the helipad. You can use it by pressing the call button then press one of the buttons in the elevator.
    • This is a quick way to get to the helipad. However, be careful for Brutes or Elementals as they may lead to you getting stuck or killed.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.


  • New Bloxcoast II is a R2D 2014 map, remade.
  • New Bloxcoast II is presumably located somewhere in the US state of Illinois due to the fact that cars on the map have Illinois license plates.
  • If you shoot the Jukebox, it will start to play Late - Night Rock.
  • The billboard on the main building changes from server to server. It can either be the McDonald's Red Toy remake made by FlewOutBeyond or the Vitamins billboard by Feleloua.
  • Currently in the game "Nariox" is misspelled to "Nairox"
  • The Crossbow next to the Ammo Station in one of the top stories of the helicopter tower is a reference to a known farming technique in the old R2D where people would spam the explosive crossbow arrows in that exact room and would get tons of cash doing it for a while.
    • It was bannable if you were caught doing it.
  • Originally the New Bloxcoast II Christmas 2018 theme was supposed to be added in v1.2.7.
    • This was delayed due to memory issues.