"Hey, haven't I seen this before?"
―Space Pilot


Naquadah is a mysterious blue ore that is used to start the generator that will power the Stargate. They are mined in the subway with the Pickaxe and transported to the Stargate using the Minecart.

Background Story

The tunnels of the research station held a secret far more important than weather patterns, but this wasn't evident to the survivors until a second look.

Researching Naquadah, perhaps one of the planet's most valuable and powerful minerals, was the actual goal of the "meteorologists" stationed at the base. Unluckily, however, it seems that in doing so they unleashed a beast upon the world.


  • Use the Minecart to transport this from the subway tunnels to the main control room of Zero Kelvin Station.
    • You must mine 12 Naquadahs, using the Pickaxe to expose it, and place them into the Minecart.
      • For every Naquadah you expose, you'll get 1 Fame and 25$.
        • You'll only get the reward if you fully expose the Naquadah.
        • If somebody picks up the Naquadah before it is fully exposed, then you don't get the rewards.
    • Once the Minecart is pushed back to the place nearest to the control room, you must then carry 12 Naquadahs to the Stargate.
      • You get 50$ for every Naquadah you place into the Minecart and the Stargate generator.
  • Be aware, the Naquadah can be hidden in the walls and floors.
  • You lose 4 walkspeed when carrying this. You cannot equip a mount, Punch or Kick or sprint.
  • If this is dropped into the void, it will be placed into the Minecart if the Naquadah is still being mined or next to the Minecart for the Stargate sequence.
  • You can grab Naquadah even if it's not fully mined yet. It only needs to be partially exposed.
    • This isn't recommended if you're trying to get as much money as possible, as this bypasses the expose reward.


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