"For when the trees start shooting tongues."
―R-Brain Hardwork


This attachment just adds more firepower to the Flamethrower, pun intended. The range is increased allowing further spread of flames and the damage is also increased per flame. While expensive, this attachment has no other drawbacks.

Background Story

The world's military provided R-Brain Hardwork with better flamethrower fuel from the M9A1-7 Flamethrowers they use, allowing for the regular Flamethrowers used by survivors to cause slightly more damage.

Well, the new damage ain't much, but it's decent enough. I guess you could make jokes about the Vietnam War now.


  • This attachment can be very helpful to combat Brutes due to its range bonus, which enables you to strike brutes without their club's explosion radius reaching you.
    • Also helpful to combat zombies safely without them managing to attack you while they're being burnt down.
  • The six additional damage points is not fire related so it does not heal Elementals by a six more health.


  • At one point when the attachment was still undergoing testing phase, PlaceRebuilder accidentally made the Napalm attachment too powerful, which caused the flamethrower to easily burn through hordes in less than a second.
  • The pitch of the Flamethrower is deeper with this equipped.

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