"Good ol' NRGY Drink which for some reason still isn't for public consumption!"


The NRGY Drink is a Campaign item that you must give to Leeroy for him to destroy the church fence in Buried Alive to continue with the Campaign. You cannot use this for your own purposes.

Background Story

Leftover ENRGY drinks from the previous inhabitants of this mining tower were re-branded as NRGY Drinks. However, they were extremely volatile, and anyone who drank a can tended to explode.

This did not stop Leeroy demanding the last can. Survivors sought it out, and give it to him. He went up in a smouldering wreck too.


  • You can't equip a weapon and hold this at the same time.
  • Defend the person who is carrying the NRGY Drink, as they are basically defenceless.
  • The person who gives the NRGY Drink to Leeroy will get 1 Fame.


  • This item can be considered a remake of the ENRGY drink from R2D 2014.
  • This item was meant to be used by the player as a stamina regeneration drink. However, this suggestion was never realised.

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