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"Our good ol' pose! I had to pay $5,000 just to be able to be cool and not get charged double that while trying to use this pose! Maybe I should of spent it on something more useful like a faster reload speed or more ammo. Eh whatever, at least I look cool!"


The Museketeer is an animation modifier for Remington 700. The Remington is carried parallel to the chest, instead of across the chest.

Background Story

For a small cost of $5,000, you can walk around with your rifle like it's the 16th Century!

...Tell me, why does carrying a gun like this cost money again?


  • It does not benefit you in anyway shape or form. This attachment is only for cosmetic purposes.
    • Save up for Vortex Viper 30mm instead, as that attachment has an actual purpose. Buy this animation if you have cash to spend.
    • It does, however, make your first shot higher than normal.
      • This only benefits maps with either a small wall in some part or a ramp.
      • It also makes firing behind cover to the left a little harder, due to how the rifle is held.


  • Seventh animation attachment to give "Cool Factor".
    • Eighth overall, counting the Tune.