"Play some tunes to get back into the zombie killing mood again!"


Music Boxes are a feature that can be found throughout specific maps in R2DA. These Music Boxes do not give any extra bonus, except for playing Late - Night Rock.

Music Boxes can be found in the following maps:



  • The Gramophone can be found at left of the hall entrance to the house.

New Bloxcoast II

  • The Jukebox can be found on the west of the map inside of the shooting range.

Peach N' Spills Resort

  • The Classic can be found close to the centre of the map, inside the tiki bar.


  • This is a returning feature from R2D.
  • The Jukebox is a free model and can be found here.
  • The Music Box idea probably came from the Left 4 Dead 2 Jukebox.
  • The Classic is the only Music Box that only works once.
  • The Classic is also inspired on the L4D2 Jukebox.

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