You're normally roleplaying in your favourite "Grill & Chill" server on the Resort map with your friends. but are they all really your friends?

You objective in Murder is survive or kill. The Sheriff is the only person that you can trust, but he can't trust you. Be careful while walking with your friends, you will never be sure if they will betray you.



  • Stay away from everyone.
  • Grab Medkit or Vitamins items from Supply Boxes for any case of damage.
  • Stay close to the Sheriff but not too close much or they will most likely shoot you.
    • Unless that the Sheriff trusts you.


  • Make sure to notice any kind of skull symbol that appears on the map.
  • If you shoot someone Innocent, you will die instead and the Innocent will be safe.


  • Make sure to run away from the dead bodies, otherwise the Sheriff might see you.
  • In a panic attack, you can try to kill the Sheriff and anyone who tries to steal the Revolver.


  • The Murder gamemode is based on the famous gamemode of the same name from Garry's Mod.
    • It is also similar to various other similarly-styled games on ROBLOX such as the Mad Murderer and Twisted Murderer.
  • Returning gamemode from R2D.

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