This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Yeti knew it was a bad idea to hire a windup toy to guard his kingdom, but with current revenues down and going into a recession, he had no choice..."


Mr. Macaroni is a large macaroni penguin with a wind-up toy aesthetic.

This was the a Quest mob during the Christmas Event 2017 and 2018.

Background Story

This strangely large "Eudyptes chrysolophus", or macaroni penguin, is yet another poor bird enslaved by the beast that is the Yeti II. Unlike its smaller brethren, however, its "wind-up key" is far more important than you would expect.

After the fall of the Yeti II, Mr. Macaroni and his brethren (who were just repaired) were finally free, which for them was a miracle, as if God gave them a second chance of life. They escaped to a remote island, far from their original home, where they can finally be at peace. However, as the survivors lured closer, Mr. Macaroni worried that they would destroy his new homeland and people, looting all of his possessions out of mere greed. As a sight of desperation, he gathered all of his followers, set up devious traps and conjured up all the strength he could to rid of these threatening vermin from destroying what he holds dear.


  • Watch for his Ice Slam attack, it is virtually his only attack, if you are careful enough.
  • His only attacks are close ranged. This means you can sit on the far icebergs or corners of the map with very little chance of being in danger.
    • You really only have to worry about the Toy Penguin he spawns.
    • Being close to him means that his Bounce attack may hit you, causing you to fall into lethal water.


  • Highest health out of any non-Boss NPC with 60,000.
    • Higher health than that of the 2015 Yeti, with 60,000 health, compared to the Yeti's 50,000 (maximum) health.
  • The body mesh for Mr. Macaroni is identical to that of the Toy Penguin. However, his head mesh is the Macaroni Penguin hat.
    • The body mesh is scaled and a bit darker than the Toy Penguin's body mesh.
  • The wind-up key looks similar to that of Chronos XI, albeit Chronos XI having a yellow one instead.
  • Like Rhi-snow, Mr. Macaroni can teleport back to his area when he is on the water.
  • In Snowy Snowy Hills, Mr. Macaroni can only attack if the last door is passed by someone.
    • Getting there, for whatever reason, without passing through the last door will not activate Mr. Macaroni.

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