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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.
Molten Complex



A massive complex featuring rising lava along with many, many obstacles before players can reach the throne room where they head to fight the Bull King.

Background Story

From the remainders of the past, the Bull King must have been watching the defeat of many pumpkins to where he made a course so "impossible" that it would be a pain for survivors to even reach him. It took him who knows how long to make this, and for what? Just a bunch of loot? What a slob. He left so many chests everywhere. But enough with that. He spent his time building, just to end up with an ultimately horrible killing land. Some boos that avoided getting torn apart by a futuristic gun a year before decided to help the Bull King, with many, more followers joining in to defend the nearly impossible castle and the king just to make sure that nothing will get past. Just remember though... this isn't like any normal run. Never look back, be careful from what comes under, and always, bring soda.


Mobs: Skellie (Obstacle 3, Obstacle 6), Lavapult (Obstacle 5) Boo (Obstacle 8)

  • Obstacle 1 - Moving Platforms - Use the moving platforms to avoid falling into the lava.
  • Obstacle 2Wall Climb - Climb the small wall to get into the gate.
  • Obstacle 3 - Gate Parkour - Get into the small cave to unlock the gate.
  • Obstacle 4 - Cannon - Use the Cannon to hit the buttons and unlock the Torch.
  • Detour 1 - Chest - Get down the cannon by using the chains to get one Regular Chest.
  • Detour 2 - Torch - On the other side of the cannon entrance you can find the Torch to unlock the tower gate.
  • Obstacle 5 - Bridge Passage - Dodge the Lavapult and reach to the tower gate.
  • Obstacle 6 - Floor 1 - Skellie Trap - Multiple Skellie mobs spawn, with two Regular Chests next to the entrance.
  • Obstacle 7 - Floor 2 - Square Platforms - Jump between multiple moving platforms while boos try to knock you off.
  • Obstacle 8 - Floor 3 - Maze - A maze with two Regular Chests and 4-5 Boo's inside.
  • Obstacle 9 - Floor 4 - Parkour Tower - A large floor with multiple spinners, moving platforms and cannons.
  • Obstacle 10 - Floor 5, 6, 7 Number Pads - An assortment of six numbers which, when entered correctly, teleport you.
  • Obstacle 11 - Floor 8 - Throne Room - A room with a portal and chests.


  • Boo Blast is very recommended due to the high jump boost.
  • Use Candy Cane or Carrot to get temporary infinite stamina boost, as there is no infinite stamina.
  • A stamina or trip immunity item, such as the Candy Cane, and Badland Cola are useful for the bridge, as you can run through quickly without getting tripped and knocked off.
  • The Karambit can be used to skip certain parts of the quest.
    • Notice that using Karambit outside of the tower is not allowed and will lead to a ban.
  • Compared to the other halloween quests, the Molten Complexes lava rises up fast. So be quick before your whole team turns into carbon.
  • It is recommended to bring the Torch in order to open the gate fast.
    • Notice that the torch only work when the Cannon part is done.


  • This map is inside a giant volcano.
  • You can lag out when you teleport for no reason.
  • This map went through many changes while in Debug.
    • The cannon used to be button activated, and would put a target over whoever pressed the button, shooting 3 times, as seen here.
    • On the 4th floor of the tower, there used to be a spinner that you would stand on to get to the moving platforms on the other side, as seen here. This was removed as it was broken and would not spin.
    • The bridge and tower were originally much closer to the lava. They were eventually raised when the lava started moving.
    • The Boo's on this map used to be the normal grabbing boos, as seen in this image.
  • The maze on the 3rd floor is an image from Google, as seen here.
  • This map took roughly 2 months to make.
  • There are roughly 250 tickets on this map.