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"A make-shift weapon consisting of glass bottle filled with a flammable liquid (usually gasoline or petrol) and a wick inserted in the bottle's cork/cap. Not much can be said about such a rudimentary weapon."


A Molotov is a great way to deter zombies or weaken them. It deals a hefty amount of damage over time and it's great at denying a Brute cover. The fire can apparently also go through walls. Just be careful that you don't set yourself on fire and remember that Elementals aren't affected.

Background Story

Although gasoline wasn't in high supply, there wasn't much use for it other than powering generators and cars, and those weren't too common. Since survivors needed to do something with gasoline, they decided to make some good ol' fashioned Molotov cocktails. Simple, easy to use, and very effective at turning those pesky zombies into piles of ashes.


  • The rapid spread of the fire tends to damage heavily or outright kill the user.
  • Its best use is to weaken zombie hordes.
  • This is able to heal Elementals, so be careful when throwing it, or nearby Elementals will become hard to kill.
  • Using this with a Pipebomb can help you get more money just in case a zombie tries to reset.
  • Use this to restrict the movement of, or weaken zombies at strategic points in maps such as doorways.
  • Using this in Vs. Environment is devastating, as the flames can kill AI Infecteds insanely fast. 
  • Unequipping this while preparing to throw it will allow you to put it back in your inventory.
  • You can throw a Molotov at Elementals with low health to heal them, preventing them from charging a Brute.
  • You can use someone else's Molotov flames to remove the sting effect that you may get from the Swarmer.



  • v0.2.9
    • Damage changed from 25 to 50.
    • Radius increased.
  • v0.7.9
    • Price changed from 25$ to 35$.
    • Radius increased further.
    • Added to in-game store.
  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 0 to 3.

  • For a brief amount of time during v0.7.9, you were able to team kill with the Molotov until PlaceRebuilder patched this issue.
  • This item technically hurts the owner more than any zombies caught in the fire as, overall, as survivors have less HP.
  • After v1.1.9, the Molotov's fire is no longer just 3 rings of fire, it is now a full area of effect and does not deal burst damage. It is continuous and it will eat up your health very quickly when you stand still in it. Upon leaving, the burn effect is still present.