Mogadishu Transit

"It's hard to imagine that electricity still works in such an isolated place."


A map based on a train station that was first introduced during DEMO. In the railroad station, there are two separated railroads. One is complete, while the other one is incomplete. The Trolley is located on the incomplete one.

Background Story

During the initial stages of the apocalypse, when the SANI Virus wasn't declared as an official threat, many people passed through here.

Needless to say, some of those passengers were infected, later succumbed to their bites and took out everyone else riding with them. When the threat of the SANI Virus was later realised, Mogadishu Transit was one of the first locations quarantined and investigated.

People still break in from time to time to see if they can hitch a ride to safety. The security has long disappeared from this place anyways.


This map consists of multiple buildings that are closely arranged with access to multiple roofs. Red ladders can be easily seen from anywhere on the map to help with traversing said roofs.

There are also many locations that allow zombies to ambush survivors. The whole map is relatively open, and you often have to watch all sides to ward off any attackers.

Luckily, Ammo Stations are abundant.


  • Memorising the locations of all the ladders within this map can help you greatly.
    • Rotation around the map, along with knowing accessible routes, is key here.
    • To save stamina use the Ice Rhino or Mini Crab.
    • The Boosterpad is useful for a quick getaway, but remember, zombies can also use these devices.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Zombies can come from behind you, in front of you, and can even jump down from below.
    • On top of that, going too far up the hills on this map will kill you.
  • As of v1.0.0a, Diggers can now use their Dig ability on this map.


  • Unlike Kingstreet, going too far up the background mountains will instantly kill you.
  • The transportation vehicle is actually a Trolley. However, it is referred to as a Tram in-game.
  • This currently has the most gamemodes (if you don't include removed ones) with 13.
  • Mogadishu is a real capital city in Somalia.
    • This is the first map to be named after a real city, with the second being Tokyo, Japan.

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