Be smart.
You can be banned for using the Modcall irresponsibly, and never be allowed to use it again after.


Modcall is a feature in R2DA that is located at the bottom right of the screen. Use it to call any Moderator that is available on another server to settle any problems that are affecting the game negatively or unfairly.

You need to be at least Rank 2 to use it, but Guests at any rank, if they have accessed R2DA, cannot use it. If you have been banned because of an abused Modcall, this feature will be disabled for you permanently.


Click the "Menu" tab.
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 1.04.57 am
Click the "Modcall" button.
A disabled Modcall button is faded in colour.
If your Modcall is disabled, it will look like this instead.
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 2.06.13 am
Select a reason a player/server issue/other.
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 2.06.34 am
If you have selected "Other", state the reason why a moderator should come.
If you have selected "Server Issue", state the reason why a moderator should come.
If you have selected specific player, select a reason.
If you have selected "Hacking", select a reason.
Nono boi
If you have selected "Glitching", select a reason.
If "Other" is selected, from any of the three options above, state the reason why a moderator should come.
If "Delaying" is selected, just press "Next".


  • If you see an offender in-game, do not tell them that you are using this system or else it is extremely likely they will leave the server to avoid consequences.
    • This makes it more difficult for everyone involved. If you want to see justice served, be quiet.
    • Also don't try to convince them to stop doing it once you've called since it will make it harder for the mod to get evidence.
  • Calling on a Single Player server for anything except a broken server can result in loss of the Modcall ability.
  • When typing out your reason, say something professional, not silly and stupid.
    • If not, Moderators will think of it as a joke or prank, which will lead to a ban and a disabling of this feature.
    • You can start by not providing one-worded reasons and by not typing it out in full Caps Lock.
  • Always keep proof on hand.
    • Record using F12 on your keyboard if your system supports it.
      • If you plan on doing so, Spectating them can be helpful in recording proof.
    • Take a screenshot using PrtSc on your keyboard if your system supports it.
    • Other ways of getting proof include the use of online services, such as Gyazo or Lightshot.
    • Go to the R2DA Discord to post the proof.
  • Communicate. Exchange messages on Discord, or create a Forum on this Wikia.
    • Provide proof along with these messages to help the process along. Especially provide the username.
  • Screenshots are one way of gathering evidence, but video footage is way more reliable in determining a verdict.
    • If you consider yourself wrongly banned, this is also helpful in proving your innocence.
  • It may take up to five minutes for a Moderator to arrive, so be sure to always Modcall as soon as you can.
    • If it's past that time, then try to call again. Say something like "not sure if my modcall went through" to let the Moderator know you aren't spamming it.
    • Don't leave the server you are in, it'll just make things harder.
  • In general, it's recommended to have a Discord account to communicate with the team.


  • Moderators can only see Modcalls if they are playing R2DA.
  • The feature was added in v0.3.0.
    • The Modcall interface was updated in v1.2.0.
  • If you click on the red warning text prior to submitting a Modcall, you can edit it to your heart's content.
  • If your rank doesn't load correctly, you won't be able to Modcall unless you rejoin.

    A flowchart of a Modcall process.

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