What zombie game doesn't feature their own set of unique mobs? Infecteds are the constantly-respawning players that survivors must fight off and kill for fame, glory and fat stacks of gold. Every single one has their own abilities that set them apart from the rest. The goal of one is to work with their fellow infecteds as a whole to kill all of the survivors before they accomplish their goal and win. Infecteds spawn at multiple specific areas of the map and tend to spawn close to a survivor or group of survivors. The notable strengths of the infecteds are their sheer numbers and quick respawn rate, allowing them to overrun anywhere and cause havoc. Occasionally, a Boss mob is released in which players must work together to defeat. Due to their sheer power, it is impossible for single person alone to take one down. Defeating one grants the surviving players quite a bit of loot. You get 120$ for getting the last hit in killing a survivor (before v1.2.8, this was 50$). After v1.2.8, if you assisted a kill, you can get 25-100$ as an assist.

NormalZombie (2) Ticker (1) Edgar (1) Leaper (2) Elemental (3) DefaultBrute (2)
DiggerMiner (2) Stalker (1) Swarmer (2) SkullChampion (2)
NewYetiButton2 KingCrab (3) PumpkinLordButton2 RhiSnow-1 NewChronosXIButton2 Yeti II-Button-template
Kingcaek CrabButtonv2 LordVumpkitemlate Rock n Boss DuckB (1) PapaSquidButton
FrostyJr (1)
ButtonBoo GangsterBread Minion (1) SkullButton2 ButtonPenguinMob MrMacaroniButton Flying Magic Ball Button
SandcrabAAA (1) SkullHead Drone2019 (2) FishMeme (2) ShellButton Turnip (2)
Guitar (2) MiniShark (1) EvilBubble (2) Jellyfish (2) BallfishButton PapaG (1)
BackAndStrong XmasGangButton Halloweenzombiesimproved XmasZomibssssssssssss EasterTemplate2 SummerZombiesTemplate
Hallow2019Zombies (2) WinterXmasZomibes (2)
GolumnStoneButton WraithButton-0 GolumnButton2 CakeAButton CannonCloud (2) CircleButNotBlockTank
CSGZombies (1) Target (2)
DefaultBeast (2) SamCSG (2)

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