"Just when you think the apocalypse can't get any weirder, the zombies decide to play dress-up. I don't know if being chased by a walking gingerbread man, a bunny rabbit or a lifeguard is more scary or more confusing."


The Mob Skincrate was added in v1.2.7, during the R2DA Christmas Event 2018, and is used to equip select costumes for certain Zombies. If you wish to use one, you will find Zombie Costumes in the Event Store tab. Individual ones can be bought for 125R$ and the bundle can be bought for 450R$. However, these Gamepasses are only available during Events, so once they're gone, they're gone for good.

How To Use

  1. Firstly, select the "Zombie" section in the Store.
  2. Select a mob.
  3. Click the Mob Skincrate image.
  4. Select a skin. You must first buy the skin with a Gamepass to select it.
    • Remember, you can only buy a zombie skin during Events.


This is a list of each zombie and their skins.


  • This was added after the Halloween 2018 Costumes were released.
    • Until v1.2.7, you could not unequip the costume, if you bought it.
  • First skincrate to not be used on weapons.
  • The concept was invented by Rockynic.

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