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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"In order to celebrate Easter to the fullest, a dangerous egg hunt was included (like you always do)."


Collecting 25 of a single kind will unlock that zombie's Easter Costume. The Mob Eggs only serves as a primary function for that goal. It cannot be equipped during rounds.

Background Story

During the Easter, the survivors always cherished the memories they had as children finding Easter eggs and eating the candy out of them. But sadly, once again, their memories had been exploited by corporations to earn something on the other side. When the S.A.N.I. Corporation heard about this, they bolted to it. After their huge failure causing the apocalypse, they had needed ways to reverse it. After releasing tons and tons of more zombies with eggs implanted into their stomachs, they promised costume rewards to the survivors to help stop the virus and collect the eggs. How funny, isn't it that releasing more zombies will "solve" the problem.


  • Every time a controlled mob dies, excluding Normal Zombies and Leapers, an egg will drop, similar to the Pickaxe.
    • These eggs only have a 10% chance of spawning after killing a mob.
  • Each individual mob has its own egg.
    • You cannot use this in-game. It is only for contributing to the Easter Costume.
  • Collecting the Elemental Egg will burn you without the Firevest.
  • Electric Elementals still will drop the Elemental Egg while a Charged Brute still will drop the Brute Egg.
  • Try to maximise your egg count by equipping the Magnet.
  • The Mob Eggs still spawn even if the zombie resetted itself.
    • The Ticker Egg also still spawns if the ticker exploded with the Ticker Rush.


  • First item with no specific use in-game.
  • The Leaper doesn't drop a Mob Egg.
  • Getting the respective Easter Costume will result in you losing all 25 respective eggs.
    • You can collect more eggs, but they will not appear in your inventory, nor will they be counted.
    • After v1.3.6, any leftover Mob Eggs in a player's inventory was wiped.
  • Originally in Debug, you needed 50 eggs to unlock a skin, but Mob Eggs had a 100% spawnrate.