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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"run before the cringe shark gets you"


The Mini Shark is an event mob for the Aquatic Event 2019. It is a shark that, when in groups, can eat you quickly. They are spawned by Papa Squid.

Background Story

As Papa Squid rallied all the sea life he could, the only sharks that listened were the babies, ironically. Who knew they were the only sharks to notice that the so-called "survivors" were a real threat?

Little did these Mini Sharks know, they were called survivors for a reason.


  • When you hit one of them, you see the words "HIT".
  • It takes about 4 hits to kill a shark.
  • It is recommended to use a hard impact weapon, such as the Barrett 50 Cal. or M249.
  • You can use explosives to kill these in one take. It isn't recommended, as thrown things like Grenades can float.
  • The Mini Sharks will target someone until they die. Try to shoot them while walking back, if they're on your tail.


  • This is simply called Shark if you die from this.
  • The Mini Shark was originally an egg for an unofficial egg hunt, but was used in R2DA without the owner's knowledge. The original model can be found here.
  • The death animation is based on real life where you can turn baby sharks upside down to make them cease movement in a non-leathal way, however, in R2DA they die.