"Say hello to my little friend"


The Mini Minigun attachment turns the firing barrels of the Minigun shorter. You are able to run with the Minigun, like another other normal weapon. This also improves damage at a cost of accuracy.

Background Story

Survivors wanted more power. R-Brain Hardwork boffins worked relentlessly around the clock to fulfil the needs of their customer fanbase. However, they feared a new kind of apocalypse would arise if they made their barrels too short.

Thus, they introduced a shorter version of the Minigun. Don't be disappointed at the fact that half your shots miss now.


  • This attachment allows you to run with the Minigun.
    • Revving the Minigun after you start to run allows to fire while running. Revving then running will make the Minigun stop firing after one shot.
  • Crouching will slightly improve accuracy. Use it especially with this attachment equipped.
  • This is recommended in Bosses due the removal of walkspeed penalty and higher damage.
    • Just be aware it may be better not to equip this due to the accuracy penalty in Bosses that require you to get close such as King Cherrycake.


  • First attachment to remove the walkspeed reduction from a specific weapon.
  • Second attachment to change the appearance of an entire weapon.

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