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The Minecart is used to carry the Naquadah to and from the subway tunnels and the main control room of Zero Kelvin Station. It is pushed by survivors from the main resting platform to the subway tunnels where the Naquadah is mined with Pickaxes, which are dropped by Diggers after the Minecart reaches the subway tunnel. After collecting 12 Naquadah in the Minecart, it is pushed back to the main resting platforms where the Campaign continues from there.


  • Unlike the Gas Tank, the more people that push the Minecart the faster it goes.
  • You get 1 Fame if you push the Minecart to its resting position.
  • If a zombies stand in front of the Minecart, the Minecart will reduce speed or stop if the Minecart is slow enough.
  • The Minecart is slower when it is being pushed back then it is going towards the subway due to the Naquadah being on board.
  • You used to get $2 per distance you push the Minecart.
    • If you were to push the Minecart alone the entire way, you would earn $1,270. This applies both ways.
      • After SWAGER21 showed how easy it was to farm money from this particular reward, it was removed for servers under 5 players.
      • If the server is under 20 players, you only get 1$ per distance. If the server is over 20 players, you get 2$ per distance.


  • This qualifies as a utility vehicle, similar to the Gas Tank.
    • However, due to the fact the Minecart is solely used to transport a good, it has been classified as a vehicle.