"Alright, how do you wanna settle this? Open casket or closed casket?"
―LITTLEROBBY11 & TheSopwithCamel


Midnight Mob is one of the major skin series in R2DA that can be found within Skincrates.

It mainly features the colour palette of black and a fade between light pink to red.


  • It was initially called Flamingo while in development.
  • The Midnight Mob skin could be a reference to Hotline Miami.
    • The skin has fade aesthetic which is akin to the game.
    • The name of the skin might be a reference to the Russian Mobsters.
    • In Hotline Miami 2; Wrong Number one of the songs used is called Roller Mobster.
      • The tutorial level is also a "film" named Midnight Animal.
Bat - Midnight Mob
Chainsaw - Midnight Mob
CK Swat - Midnight Mob
Colt Python - midnight Mob
DB Shotgun - Midnight Mob
Dragunov - Midnight Mob
Baseball Bat Chainsaw CK Swat Colt Python DB Shotgun Dragunov
FATAL5 - Midnight Mob
Karambit - Midnight Mob
Mini Uzis - Midnight Mob
P90 - Midnight Mob
Shotty 12 - Midnight Mob
Steyr M - Midnight Mob
FATAL5 Karambit Mini Uzis P90 Shotty 12 Steyr M
Tommy - Midnight Mob
R700 - Midnight Mob
SCAR-H - Midnight Mob
Tri-Blaster - Midnight Mob
Katana - Midnight Mob
Chinalake - Midnight Mob
M1A1 Thompson Remington 700 SCAR-H Tri-Blaster Katana Chinalake

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