Melee Smash is a PvP Gamemode similar to Free For All and Free Brawl, where there is an everyone-for-themselves fight, except that you can only use melee weapons.



  • Only melee weapons are allowed in this mode.
    • Equipping a gun is a waste of a slot so don't bring them.
  • You can still use Punch and Kick if you do not have a melee.
    • The Frost Knuckles is also ideal to gain fast ground and surprise attack someone.
  • You can use Double Equip for interesting melee combos, such as the Karambit and the Axe.
  • The Axe and Chainsaw are by far the best weapons for this mode, as it basically removes all chances for counterplay — using a Rambo Knife, Baseball Bat, or Shovel leaves you open for a counterattack, while with the Axe and Chainsaw, one swing and it's over.
    • This doesn't mean other melee options are useless, however, as the stun can possibly turn around a fight if you can hit first.
      • For example, the Shovel has massive range compared to other melees which can benefit you against a Rambo Knife user. It's also surprisingly deadly.
  • The Rambo Knife and Christmas Spear can both be thrown.
    • Combined, they can kill players with two throws.
  • The Patriots Flag is the only way to heal yourself in this gamemode.


  • Hiding behind cover and attempting to bait impatient people into an easy kill is a good strategy to pick some people off.
  • Don't play too aggressively — running out of stamina almost always means you will lose a fight.
  • Run away from someone, then turn around quickly and attack them to catch them off-guard.
  • When facing someone in a 1v1, try to feint and hit them right after they miss.
  • An Axe may seem intimidating but just take the chance to hit them as fast as possible. A stun melee is recommended.
  • Using the Give Command will not work in this game mode.
  • The Pumpkin Bot and M2 Tripod may not be very useful in terms of damaging anyone, but they can be useful for breaking windows without injuring yourself.
  • The Toy Sword is able to be used on mounts such as the Mini Crab, giving a slight advantage to you.
  • The Toy Hammer's Super Smash ability is able to stun many players at once.
    • The Toy Hammer is also useful in the chance that you can Super Smash players off a map environmental hazards or death by fall damage. However, be aware that the player you launch may not go where you want them to.
  • The Parasol and Duck (Mount) are useful in breaking falls on maps like Bouri Rig 71 or for reaching new levels like on Dead Plaza II not accessible by run-jumping.
    • The Duck (Mount) can also be equipped even if you are stunned by the Toy Hammer's Super Smash and can be used to fly back into the fighting area or to safety.
  • As of v1.3.9, glass can now be broken by punching. This is beneficial if you get stuck inside a certain area of Dead Plaza II or for getting out of a tight spot in any map with breakable glass.
    • Be aware that glass shards may hurt you significantly, if you touch them.


  • You have 100 or 110 health depending if you are in the R2DA Community group or not.
  • If the last two players kill each other simultaneously, it will result in a game over and nobody will win the round.


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