"Don't be blind to the truth beyond the ciphered codes..."


Matrix is a one-off, premium Skin for the Peacemaker. This can be found in the Premium Skincrate. Prior to v1.3.5, this could be found in Skincrates.

This skin features a colour palette of blue and black for the left Peacemaker. The right Peacemaker features a colour palette of red and black.


  • In v1.3.5, this was moved from being obtainable in Skincrates to being obtainable in Premium Skincrates.
  • The Matrix colours are is based on the Red Pill, Blue Pill cultural meme.
    • In the 1999 film, The Matrix, Morpheus offers Neo either of the pills. The red pill represents harsh knowledge and the brutal truths of reality. The blue pill represents illusion and ignorance to the truths of reality.
      • This is how the Matrix skin gets its name and colours.

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