"Despite its exclusivity, it gets the job done. Among its ubiquitous brethren, it primarily is consists of the blue hexagons adorned on its upper body. The various shades of blue filled in to each hexagon, following no sequence to confuse it for a gradient. Standing below it is the white, yet slightly transparent hexagons representing a blank canvas. This skin displays some slight symbolism as despite its said tangibility, the user has more to explore in R2DA. To better allow the blue to flourish over the white, creating a piece of experience. Perfect for new players."


Marble Gecko is a one-off skin for the Steyr M. This can be found in Skincrates.

It features a colour palette of white and varying shades of blue. The colours are arranged in hexagon-like manner.


  • The name is likely based on the fact that Geckos have a distinct pattern on their bodies and the colours on this skin resemble marble, hence Marble Gecko.
  • This was one of the very first skins to be obtainable from Skincrates and one of the three skins that did not exist prior.

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