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| style="padding: 5px" |Yeti's Cave
| style="padding: 5px" |Yeti's Cave
| style="padding: 5px" |King Crab
| style="padding: 5px" |King Crab
| style="padding: 5px" |Lord Pumpkin Jr./Pumpkinator's Revenge
| style="padding: 5px" |Lord Pumpkin Jr.<br/>Pumpkinator's Revenge
| style="padding: 5px" |Rhi-snow Territory
| style="padding: 5px" |Rhi-snow Territory
| style="padding: 5px" |Chronos Dimension
| style="padding: 5px" |Chronos Dimension

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In-Game Maps

Reason 2 Die Awakening offers a variety of maps which provide unique gameplay and are the main environment where survivors attempt to complete certain objectives.

The main R2DA maps as of now are as follows.

1900Kingstreet PanamaLands MogadishuTransit FoxriverAsylum2 TerminalFalls
1930's Kingstreet Panama Beach Mogadishu Transit Foxriver Prison Terminal Decay
BouriRig Casius Thumb VictoriaBoats ThemedWonderland CafeArena
Bouri Rig 71 Casius Outpost Victoria Harbor A Winter Wonderland Café County
TheComplex Nom Last Harvest FarmingHouse ZeroKelvinStation
The Complex No Mercy Last Harvest Farmhouse Zero Kelvin Station
ShotEmUp SSBoliviar CityOfTokyos BlackfieldCity StudHarvestII
Shoot'em Up Town S.S. Boliviar Tokyo, Japan Blackfield Station Stud Harvest II
Blox Harbor Portland Chaos (2) NewFallcoast MetroSubway
Blox Harbor Portland Campfire Chaos New Bloxcoast II Subway
AV DeadPlace SewersTemplate2 OutSkylines CoastlineMap
Outpost 21 Dead Plaza II Sewers Outskirts Coastline Clash
Suburbs ParadiseD Toy Factory
Suburbs District III Toy Factory

Greenlight Maps

These maps aren't for the main game and can only be enabled with a VIP Server.

Caved In MS Antares Sunny (2)
Caved In M.S Antares Sunny Seaside

Boss Arenas

These are special maps that can only be played in the Boss gamemode.

Time is ticking and the maps to fight these bosses on are almost always not permanent.

YetiCaveThumbV1 KingCrabMapThumb LPKJ Thumbnail Nom2 ChronosDimension
Yeti's Cave King Crab Lord Pumpkin Jr.
Pumpkinator's Revenge
Rhi-snow Territory Chronos Dimension
Christmas 2015 Release 2016 Halloween 2016
Halloween 2017
Halloween 2019
Christmas 2016 100th Version Celebration
ROFTY KingCherryCakes KingCravWorld Chickeninator arena
Return of the Yeti King Cherrycake King Crab II Pumpkinator's Stronghold Forgotten Cave
Christmas 2017 King Cake Celebration Summer 2018 Halloween 2018 Christmas 2018
Duckland Papa Squid's Treasure Gate Keeper II
Easter 2019 Aquatic Event Christmas 2019

Event Maps

These are maps that are exclusive to events

These maps are disabled when its respective event ends.

For all intents and purposes, even if Chronos Quest and King Cherrycake's Quest are not considered an event, they are being listed here.

CK Thumbnail
Halloween Bootcamp Cake Kingdom Chronos Quest Halloween Quest Yeti's Quest
Halloween 2016 Christmas 2016
Christmas 2017
Christmas 2018
Christmas 2019
100th Version Celebration Halloween 2017 Christmas 2017
King Cherrycake's Quest R2DA Wipeout Pumpkinator's Bootcamp Trick O' Threat Town Snowy Snowy Hills
King Cake Celebration Summer 2018 Halloween 2018 Halloween 2018
Halloween 2019
Christmas 2018
Duck's Quest R2DA Wipeout II Boo's Holdout High Bye Die
Easter 2019 Aquatic Event Halloween 2019 Christmas 2019

Secret Maps

These are maps that can only be accessed under special circumstances.

Void Tutorial Island 2.0

Removed Maps

These are R2DA maps that were available on R2DA at one point but were later removed due to various reasons. The only exception to this is Trenches, as it was only playable in Debug and thus was never released to the general public.

XHQ Thumbnail Porta2 Trenches
XelPixels HQ Porta Coeli II Trenches Tutorial Island
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