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"Because Faraday Vest is so last year, and out of fashion, the Duck decided to bring us this thing! Why would you trust a Magnet with an oversized screw with your life? And what does this have to do with ducks?"


The Magnet is an armor that grants little health but its main use is for attracting drops such as the Mob Eggs. This cannot attract dropped items such as dropped Vitamins or Medkits, reducing its viability after Easter 2019 outside of Quests and Bosses. Additionally, this is quite expensive, in terms of Tickets, when the health granted is quite low.

Background Story

Thousands of these magnets were found hoarded away, floating on a cloud near Ducky's home. These magnets are magical, in that they change to fit the needs of the holder. It's assumed that in Ducky's case, this tool helped with corralling the Turnips and collecting other produce.

For the survivors, these magnets can be used in all sorts of different ways, all depending on the situation. 



  • Attracts drops


  • No Extra Mags
  • Low Health
  • No Resistances
  • Expensive


  • First magnetic armor in R2D Series history.
  • Even though this armor was added in the Easter Event 2019, this is now a permanent armor.
    • Because this is purchasable for Tickets, this is listed as an event armor, even though it isn't associated to a single event.