"This is just like Apocalypse Rising!"
―Chicken Joe


The MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) is a package of military food used by soldiers as a meal out in the war. It is very hardy and can last for years in good condition.

Background Story

After years of survival, survivors finally got tired of eating Vitamins and miscellaneous desserts. While delicious, they did not fill the survivors' stomachs. They finally wanted real, bona fide food to eat and enjoy. MREs were actually found years prior to survivors wanting them in large quantities, but nobody really wanted any as they took longer time to prepare, and it was more convenient to just eat the quick foods in a pinch. Now that zombies were a lesser threat due to numerous weapon companies providing very powerful weapons to survivors alongside the demand for MREs, survivors began distributing them to meet this sudden demand. The MRE that was distributed contained many types of foods, ranging from hearty foods such as beans, rice, and potato wedges to desserts like the chocolate bar. The chocolate bars were traded among survivors as a novelty.


  • Use this to escape hoards of zombies or just to get around faster.
    • The infinite stamina is very effective on Quest maps such as Casino Halls for platforming.
    • Alternatively, you can go on the offensive and shred through large groups of zombies using a melee weapon such as the Katana or Chainsaw.
  • Considering that most stamina boosting event items such as the Candy Cane can be brought using Give Commands, you may want to bring a different item over the MRE if you have a bunch of those collecting dust in your inventory.
  • The MRE maximum healing power is not temporary unlike Vitamins, but it cannot heal if your health it's above 20%.
    • For example; if you aren't a prestige, and you're in the Official R2DA Group, you will have to be at 24 HP or less to receive the healing benefit.
    • This can be helpful when revived by Defibrillators, since your health will always be below 20% when revived.
  • The MRE healing effect only works once. despite the MRE ability to be used twice.
    • Don't waste a use attempting to be healed twice, for maximum value use once for a stamina boost and a second time for both the full heal and stamina.
    • This should be treated as a situation should you eat when your below 20% HP or should you eat for stamina so try and think before you use it.


  • The MRE depicted in the screenshot is not very accurate.
    • The MRE in-game does not have a Flameless Ration Heater (FRH), an accessory pack, some sides (i.e crackers, cheese paste, etc), a beverage bag, and the food is directly stored in and eaten out of the bag when it is instead stored in further bags and taken out of the main bag before eating.
  • The spoon is a reused model of the premium skin Spoonful.
  • This is the first non-event item that gives infinite stamina.

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