"You utter fool! German science is the greatest in the world!"
―Rudol von Stroheim


The MP5 is a classic Reason 2 Die weapon, appearing both in R2D 2014 and the early stages of Reason 2 Die: Awakening. It now returns as a medium-rank SMG, with low range but very high firerate and DPS for a weapon of this rank. In addition, its multiple attachments make significant upgrades possible to the weapon

Background Story

The MP5 is a weapon that veteran survivors might remember from the very beginning, but also their unfortunate manufacturing error which made them eventually fall apart into disrepair and led to their discontinuation. The CEO of Sinister Arms Inc. heard rumors of a large supply cache before the apocalypse that was never looted, so he gathered a team to check it out. Those men never returned, so this time, the CEO himself went with another team.

When they arrived where the goods were, they stumbled across a group of 5 mysterious men already trying to open the supply cache. The leader distracted the CEO's team while the others performed a surprise attack which wiped out the entire mercenary team. Violently.

The leader of the mysterious group was about to execute the CEO... before another group member interjected with how little of a challenge killing scavengers was. The leader agreed, sparing the CEO, and telling him he can have what's inside. The doors weren't even locked, and the CEO came to realize that the supply was merely being used as a lure.

What was inside was a large supply of SWAT supplies and a massive supply of perfect condition MP5s. So much that the CEO was inspired to return the MP5 to the hands of the survivors, in a much better condition once he reverse engineers the ones they found into a sustainable manufacturing model. The price was made to be affordable to as many survivors as possible as a thanks to the fallen men during the incident, ensuring their sacrifice wouldn't be in vain.

Want to read more? The extended Backstory can be found here.


  • Use this weapon in small or medium maps such as Foxriver Prison or Panama Beach.
  • Don't pull the finger on the trigger while using this. Conserve ammo and only fire when you are sure you can kill a infected.
    • Using the semi-auto firing mode can help this (press "V").


  • High Damage
  • High DPS
  • Cheap
  • Low Ranked


  • Low Reserve Ammo
  • Low Range


  • This is a returning weapon from the demo, R2D 2014 and R2D 2009.
  • This version of the MP5 was a suggestion made by GoSinister, Tsukuyomi_141, ignys, and Nekoparaiten.
    • In turn, said version of the MP5 was inspired by Tsukuyomi_141's original suggestion.
    • At the time of the MP5's ingame release, the suggestion thread has 224 Kudos.
    • Several things were changed from the original thread; most notably, the model was redone from the ground up and the MP5K attachment was scrapped as its ability to turn the weapon into a secondary was deemed impossible to code.
  • The inside of the chamber was originally supposed to be modeled with things like the barrel and internal mechanisms, but was scrapped due to modeling complications.

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