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"MP5SD (Musical Player 5 Super Digital)"


A barrel conversion attachment for the MP5 that gives it an accuracy increase, but reduces the range a little. Also, the firing sound of the gun is altered to be quieter.

Background Story

Captain's Journal; Entry 147
February 27th, 2016

My instructions were very clear as stated from my boss. Head north towards the snow, find the abandoned factory and recover a set of crates. I sent my men on this mission and yet every expedition no one came back. Of course he went by himself and just like that, he comes back alive with the shipment he’s been aching to get his hands on. He hasn’t been himself lately, after that gun run. Something happened during that trip and he isn’t telling us.

While they went through all the crates and weaponry recovered, it turns out the boss got more than what he bargained for. Along with the MP5, they found the MP5SD was miraculously under all of the packaging and MP5s. I was right next to the boss when they handed it to him. We took it to the range to see if it worked and to add onto his luck, it worked like a charm. He did a few modifications I can’t be bothered to remember, but now it’s proudly being distributed to survivors out there.

The boss let me keep the original MP5SD that was found in that very shipment he brought back.

This will make a fine addition to my collection.

- SANI Captain



  • The MP5SD is the first attachment to change the weapon variation.
    • It turns the MP5 into the MP5SD3 variation, even though In-Game it doesn't change anything except range and accuracy.
  • The MP5SD attachment makes the MP5's shots silenced so that it is hard to hear them over other sounds.