This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"MP5 is the first weapon to be given out for free to every single survivor, principally those who are new to the apocalypse. Quite weak and all, but it's definitely a good start."
―Maksim Bacchus


The MP5 was an automatic weapon and was, initially, the starter weapon for R2DA. What's wrong with that?

This was an extremely powerful starter weapon and easily fended off Normal Zombies. Like with all automatic weapons, this was not a weapon to go all trigger-happy with and conserving ammo was still something you had to keep in mind. However, its decent range, accuracy and damage, coupled with its firerate, made it an amazing weapon to start out with.

Background Story

This weapon was manufactured by L-Brain Sidework and it was one of their first weapons to be sold. Since it was their first ever and mostly a prototype of sorts, there weren't a lot of people interested in buying the MP5. That was just before the SANI Virus outbreak.

Guns are expensive and people were dying, so in a decision that would define the rest of their history, the MP5 was made cheap. People's lives were being saved, but not enough lives were being saved. A program was quickly started to attempt to send the MP5 to every person out there for free and refunds were sent around.

With how many people needed help, it wasn't long until production started cutting corners to keep up with demand. This led to a massive recall when the MP5 started breaking down in the field of battle.


  • This may have been a good starting weapon, but it was still a starter weapon.
    • Obviously, better weapons were out there.
    • Don't discredit this weapon completely though, as this was good for experienced players.
  • Keep in mind that the Kalashnikova and the MP5 have nearly the same statistics.
  • If zombies were dodging your shots, you could always use semi-auto to finally land one.
    • Fire slowly to land your shots. This also conserves ammo.
  • In the Yeti Boss fight, it's recommended to go full automatic with this as the boss has a lot of health.
  • The MP5 had many attachments to choose from, so you could choose the best one for it!


  • This was the first weapon to be added to R2DA.
    • As a given, it was also the first SMG and automatic weapon added to the game.
    • Ironically, this was the first weapon to be removed.
  • During the Alpha phase, the MP5 used to have infinite ammo.
    • That is it had infinite clips. However, you still had to reload after 30 shots.
  • The in-game model resembled more of an HK416 than an MP5.
    • A sliding stock and buffer tube, a staple on the MP5, aren't visible at all.
  • With a whopping 10 Attachments, the MP5 holds the title for having the most attachments out of all the guns in R2DA.
  • There was a glitch during Debug where PlaceRebuilder showed it shooting rockets instead of bullets.
  • This is a returning weapon from R2D 2014 and R2D 2009.

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