"Sometimes I stop and think about what would happen if you put this skin and the Silencer together."


MIDI is one of the standard skin series in R2DA that can be found within a select few weapons. This can only be found in Premium Skincrates (for the M16A1, P90 and Chainsaw) and Skincrates for the rest of the weapons. It could also be previously be found in Skincrates prior to v1.3.5 for the M16A1.

This has a colour palette of green and grey. The triggers on the weapons are also yellow. There are green and white bars on the side of the skin, maybe representing audio.


  • The name MIDI can presumably be based on the bars on the side of the guns, symbolising audio.
    • The name itself is derived from Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a technical protocol for musical instruments and digital interface.
  • Prior to v1.3.5, this could be found in Skincrates, for the M16A1, before being transferred over to Premium Skincrates.
  • The skin is based off the Equalizer skin series from another zombie game, Unturned.
M16 Midi
AK-47 - MIDI
HK416 - MIDI
Dragunov - MIDI
Wingmaster - MIDI
M16A1 AK-47 HK416 Dragunov Wingmaster 870 SCAR-H
Chainsaw - MIDI
P90 - MIDI
Chainsaw P90

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