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The MAC-10 is a machine pistol with a fast rate of fire, good magazine and solid performance. However, as with all weapons of its type, it does low damage per bullet, has relatively low accuracy and range, and wipes through your magazines quickly. In retrospect, however, a great machine pistol for any new survivor.

Background Story

It was another recon mission for Jack “Roy” Brown and Evyn Dream. Go out and recover anything that the Sinister Arms team can reproduce for the general public. Several flights in and out of the Northeastern Region in Jack’s modified Sopwith Camel ended in failure. More often than not, the duo left whatever city they were in with their tails between their legs due to surprise hordes, bad weather or other unlucky events.

One more city was on the list before the two Sinister Arms workers called the entire mission off; Altoona, Pennsylvania. Jack, a railroad buff before the apocalypse, was ecstatic at visiting the former heart of the Pennsylvania Railroad while Evyn was more concerned over recovering a weapon.

A simple overpass turned into a minor skirmish when Jack’s plane suddenly was being shot at by several gang members from below. Jack “replied” with an effective strafing run. He landed near the Juniata Complex and the pair sought to salvage what weapons they possibly could’ve had. They both struck gold with a MAC-10; completely jammed but something new. Before the duo could celebrate a sniper fired and injured Evyn. A surprise horde then appeared, their cue to hit the skies.

The duo booked it, claiming the empty SMG as a victory. Injured, but victorious.

Extended Backstory

Altoona Shootout


  • If you are going to buy attachments for the MAC-10, the Extended Mags and the Extended Stock are the way to go. Since the Extended Mags can help you in situations where you need more ammo. And for the Extended Stock, it helps in situations where you need accuracy.
  • The MAC-10 is very useful in Team Deathmatch, especially on Victoria Harbor, due to the MAC-10's high DPS and relatively good ammo.
  • Though the Rebel Pose is more expensive, it is only cosmetic and is recommended you use any other attachment.


  • Low Ranked
  • Cheap
  • High Rate of Fire
  • High DPS
  • Automatic


  • Low Ammo Capacity
  • Low Damage



  • v1.5.3
    • Price changed from 5,500$ to 8,500$.

  • The MAC-10 is based off of Rainbow Six: Siege interpretation of the weapon.
    • In it, the MAC-10 is named the SMG-11 and utilizes different parts from other real world SMGs.
  • Like the FAL, the MAC-10 has modeled bullets inside of its magazine, but they do not disappear when the gun runs empty.