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The M939 is a player-driven truck that can be used to get around large maps quickly. Players can stand in the cargo hold of this truck but they may be flung off.

The M939 is a US military truck used to carry cargo and military personnel.

You can only spawn one of these through the In-Game Store.


  • Ram zombies with the front of the M939 to trip them.
  • Driving the M939 can be tricky sometimes.
    • Turning isn't instantaneous. Plan before you drive.
      • Usually the M939 will stop when turning.
    • Handling is a lot better when driving in reverse.
    • The M939 slides a lot on ice, so be careful.
  • ROBLOX's physics may cause some problems.
    • The M939 may be flung off the map.
  • To not fall off while a player is driving, board the cargo bed and crouch.
    • Another option would be to go into the front of the M939.
  • If you're going fast enough, you can knock down survivors or you simply push them with you.
  • Be careful, as when you're driving, a Digger can knock you out of your seat and send you and your truck flying.
  • These can't be destroyed. Use this to your advantage in Free For All. Zombies may also hide behind from fire.
    • The M939 will, however, explode if it is present on the grass area in Terminal Decay.
    • The M939 will also explode after being in water.
      • Be careful, as the explosion can kill you and players around it.
      • The truck will despawn after exploding.
  • You can mount the M2 Tripod on the back of the M939, moving the mount around.



  • v1.1.8a
  • v1.1.8b
    • Removed ability to be spawned in Quest and Boss.
  • v1.2.8
  • Price changed from 400$ to 150$.

  • The M939 is based off of the real life military multipurpose transport truck of the same name manufactured by AM General. However, its ingame name was changed to 'Truck', presumably to avoid copyright issues.
  • During Debug, the M939 would often flip over or fly off the map. Sometimes, the textures wouldn't load at all.
  • Originally, the M939 was planned for release all the way back on the DEMO stage of the game.
    • However, it never released back then for an unknown reason.
    • It could be speculated that this was due to the M939 completely stopping whenever it hit a zombie.
  • This is the first vehicle that can be spawned from the In-Game Store.
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