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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"What?! What do you mean my mount is dead? It isn't even an animal!"


The M2 Tripod is a modified Browning .50 Calibre Machine Gun mounted on a tripod with a shield. Once placed down, it cannot be moved or regained, meaning that it is permanently there for the rest of the round. Once placed down, anyone can use it, even when you're dead.

Background Story

When the survivors finally defeated Frosty Jr. and his Toy Penguins, all the survivors gleefully unlocked the grand door with the Key that was hidden inside Frosty Jr. They burst in, thinking that the residents of the once familiar Winter Wonderland were joyfully waiting for them to rescue them.

Instead, they saw piles of chests on the snow, probably a gift for anyone who defeated the giant snowman. The place wasn't A Winter Wonderland, just an abandoned village where Frosty Jr. seemed to inhabit. The survivors went to the chests and opened them up. One survivor found a chest that was bright blue. When he opened it, he found a paper with instructions for a special piece of machinery. As it turned out, the original inhabitants of the village were quite technologically advanced. He shared it with his friends and soon enough, Hellish Night got their hands on the sheet and manufactured tons of these turrets for the survivors. 

Some survivors have filed complaints that military remnants from across the world could've easily supplied them with these heavy machine guns instead of having to kill a giant snowman or spending a hefty sum of "premium" money just to buy an M2 Machine Gun mounted on a typically incompatible tripod, but...

Whatever, at least it kills things well. Some complaints were also sent about how the tripod would lock when the weapon was placed, likely due to incompatibility. It's a machine gun, so nobody truly cares that much. All you need to care about is that it overheats, due to the inherent design flaws.


  • Use this at times when you need it most. This can only be placed once per round.
    • The location of the tripod will be fixed after you set it up.
      • Attempting to spawn the mount again will result in the message "Your mount is dead." playing.
  • Best used in narrow corridors and wide maps, such as Caved In and Panama Beach.
    • This also works extremely well inside of the underground tunnel in Blox Harbor.
  • You can place this on top of the M939 or the Van.
    • This, however, causes the aiming to be distorted in Third person. In First person the gun will still fire where you point, however your situational awareness will be far lower.
      • On Victoria Harbor and District III, you can place the M2 Tripod on the dumpsters. This will allow you to move the M2 Tripod around.
        • You can place the M2 Tripod on top of a Ration to allow the M2 Tripod to be carried around by another survivor.
  • You can still punch, kick and block while using this mount.
    • You cannot use the Toy Sword while on this mount to defend yourself.
  • This is banned on Chronos XI and King Cherrycake for obvious reasons. Replace this with a more suitable mount.
  • If you need mobility, use the Karambit to get higher places as the mount won't move or jump.
  • The blast shield fitted onto the M2 Tripod will stop certain projectiles.
    • These include the Elemental's fireballs, bullets from certain guns, Leapers and Brute clubs.
      • Despite being able to block Brute clubs, they can still kill you due to the explosion produced by them.
        • Even though the blast shield may protect the user, the shield itself is small and is pretty insignificant when it comes to overall protection.
  • The weapon turns at a rate comparable to the amount needed to turn, so it rotates its gun slower at shorter distances.
    • It might be a better idea to turn the cursor at the edge of your screen then back to where you would aim to rotate it faster.
      • Due to the limited depression and ascension of the gun, it typically raises and lowers slowly no matter the distance.
      • Subsequently, the weapon indirectly suffers inaccuracy when vertical elements are added into the gun's position and target.
        • This makes it weak against Edgars.
  • This mount can shoot faster than any gun in the game by using an auto-clicker.
    • However, it will quickly reach the stage when it overheats.
      • The auto-clicker is better used in a controlled manner, with noticeable gaps in the firing.
  • It's best not to let the M2 Tripod's barrel go bright yellow. Try to keep the barrel grey, if you can.
    • If you need to keep shooting, do so in a burst by shooting 3 or 5 five bullets at a time.
      • When the threat is over, let the gun cool down for a bit.
  • This can be used in PvP modes such as Free For All. It will damage people, making it quite useful. However, remember that other players can use it.
    • You can use this to block off areas, such as doorways.
    • It can also be used as cover, albeit quite a small cover.
  • If you are on a mobile device, the M2 Tripod will shoot where you tap. You may struggle moving your camera and shooting at the same time.
  • A Digger can easily attack you from their dig. Make sure you're positioned around other survivors or on a rooftop to minimise this.
  • If someone trips you with the Pumpkin Pie, Eggs or Water Balloon while you are operating this mount, you will ragdoll on the mount, but still be able to operate it when you recover.



  • v1.4.1
    • Ammo decreased from infinite to 400.
    • Health decreased from infinite to 20 hits.
  • v1.4.2
    • Now damages people in PvP modes.

  • The M2 Tripod is based on the Browning .50 Calibre Machine Gun (also known as the M2 Machine Gun).
  • In real life, the M2 Tripod is, in fact, the designation of the tripod used to mount the M2 Machine Gun. Certain variants were designated, such as the M122 tripod and various other machine guns (such as the M60, the M249, and the M240) utilised these tripods.
  • This has the same firing sound as the Barrett 50 Cal. due to the fact they both fire 50. calibre bullets.
  • This is the first mount that doesn't allow the use of Toy Sword while mounted.
  • This mount is a reference to Left 4 Dead 2 due to the appearance of the Heavy Machine Gun.
  • This can be considered a remade version of the XR500 Turret from R2D Xbox.
  • Second mount that can shoot, the first being Pumpkin Bot.