"I'm 99% sure this is supposed to have 4 barrels. Is it a bootleg that copied R-Brain Hardwork by the evil L-Brain Sidework?"


The M202 A1 FLASH (FLame Assault SHoulder Weapon) is a rocket launcher (grenade launcher in R2DA) that was originally an American designed weapon. Its large size makes it look heavy, but it's actually very light. This allows you to bring a bigger gun. However, don't expect much out of the rockets in terms of radius and overall reliability, as they were modified to be lighter as well.

Background Story

You'd think that having a 4-Barrel rocket launcher that launches incendiary rockets would be nice, but L-Brain Sidework decided to completely throw that (expletive) out the window because of funding!

People were excited to buy these M202 rocket launchers at first, considering its iconic depiction in that one film Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in. Clearly, L-Brain Sidework's extremely cheap way of cutting edges made the M202 very unpopular.

The M202 has since been overshadowed by the RPG and the Tri-Blaster, and nowadays it's only used by newbie survivors.


  • It's an explosive weapon, so be wary of the explosive radius.
  • You can shoot at a wall where a mob is and it'll still blow them up.
    • However, not all Maps allow explosions to go through walls, for example No Mercy.
  • The shots have similar physics to a Brute club throw.
    • If you try hard enough, you can make a mortar with this.
  • This is banned in Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Party Deathmatch.
    • Remember to unequip it and get another secondary, or you'll be left with your primary only.


  • Explosive
  • Cheap
  • Very High Damage
  • Low Ranked
  • Quick Reload


  • Low Damage per Grenade
  • Firing Arc
  • Single Shot
  • No Attachments
  • Low Total Damage



  • v0.9.0
    • Firing system modified.

  • This is similar to the Chinalake from R2D 2014.
    • The same firing sound is also used.
  • The blast radius of the M202 is smaller than a normal Grenade.
  • This weapon has similarities with the "Black Box" from Team Fortress 2.
    • Both only have one barrel, but the M202 here does not heal like the former.
  • When fighting Lord Pumpkin Jr, the M202 did not damage him, but it had a chance to destroy his fireballs.
    • If the M202 grenade could hit one of his fireballs near Lord Pumpkin Jr, he would've died immediately.
    • Though this weapon is useless in fighting Lord Pumpkin Jr, it can still be useful by using it to block the Meteors that appear above which can change the result in winning or losing.
  • This weapon has an unreleased skin that was nicknamed "Candy Cane" all the way back in 2016, before receiving a slight modification for the 2017 event version.
  • An M202 in real life actually has 4 barrels, has 4 rockets in itself, and is reloaded from the back and not the front.

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