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"What does a battle rifle have in common with a microwave? They both go "Ping!" when they're done."
―Stuart Brown


A World War II classic, the M1 Garand is a semi-automatic rifle known for its distinctive appearance and loading system. It is not to be underestimated, as each bullet packs quite a punch at almost any range. Once the bullet is ejected, a distinctive metallic ping can be heard, this being one of the most memorable quirks about the weapon.

Background Story

Sinister Arms Inc. was on a streak. The success of the Winchester and the Chinalake made the company well renowned across the apocalyptic land. One day, a small, mysterious package appeared in the mailbox. It was no larger than a tissue box; on top of the package was a letter that said "To whom it may concern, read me first." The CEO decided to look into the matter personally and read the letter, which stated the following:

"I would like to meet with you to discuss something regarding a weapon that I think will help turn the tide of the apocalypse. I have no further need for it, my time is almost up. Please meet me at -LOCATION REDACTED-. I hope this little present will persuade you."

Sinister Arms usually gets lots of letters like this all too often. People requesting weapons, meet-ups which turn out to be ambushes, but no one has ever sent them actual packages. Why would this letter be sent? What made it different from the rest? What was inside?

Inside was a small clip with 8 bullets. 8 bullets in the .30-06 Springfield cartridge. A small clip that made a distinct ping if you flicked it with your finger.

The meetup was imminent. A legend was about to make a Garand return.


  • Make sure to make your shots count, as this weapon has low ammo.
    • The Ammo Pouch attachment helps the user by granting them an extra clip, increasing ammunition pool.
    • Armors that provide extra ammunition, like the Tactical II and Bulldozer II, are recommended.
  • You can one shot unupgraded Normal Zombies, Edgars and Leapers with this weapon.
  • It is recommended to aim for the head with this weapon, due to the high accuracy.
  • Highly recommend use Hard (Ammunition Type), deals 185 damage in body
  • Due to its unique reload mechanic, it's recommended that you empty the gun instead of reloading with bullets still in a clip, as this will slightly reduce the reload time.
  • Due to the fact that the M1 Garand can one shot AI Normals, it can be quite useful in Single Player owing to its decent firerate.
  • The M1 Garand is quite similar to the Dragunov in many regards.
    • However, the M1 Garand deals 10 more damage and does not lose any accuracy while hipfiring. The Dragunov has a higher range and accuracy, as well as more available shots, but loses accuracy if you are not ADS'ing.


  • High Damage
  • Quick Reload (if empty)
  • High Damage per Clip


  • Low Reserve Ammo



  • v1.4.8
    • Accuracy changed from 180 to 120.

  • The iconic "ping" of the M1 Garand can be heard if you fire all 8 bullets.
    • You cannot hear the ping if you reload the gun with bullets in the clip.
  • The M1 Garand is a returning weapon from R2D 2014.
  • The M1 Garand is the first weapon to have a tactical reload and a full reload.
  • The M1 Garand was a suggestion created by GoSinister, TheSopwithCamel, Nekoparaiten, LITTLEROBBY11 and Tsukuyomi_141.
  • The M1 Garand was falsely assumed to be an April Fools joke.
  • In one of the animation videos in the original thread, the infamous "Garand Thumb" was a planned feature.
    • The animation would have occurred randomly when the person reloads, either a tactical or full reload.
    • It would have actually hurt the player, dealing 1 damage.
    • The feature was scrapped due to rigging issues and the extended animation would have likely caused problems with players reloading under pressure and/or low health.
  • The M1 Garand has two reload sound effects depending on either if the current clip is empty or not.
    • The reload sound effects are the sound effects from the ROBLOX M1 Garand gear, edited by GoSinister.