"I don't need a rifle made by commies, I've got my beautiful assault rifle of FREEDOM! I will do what's right and what's not for the greater good, no one will hold me back."


The M16A1 is an all-around decent weapon. Good damage, nice range, and accuracy that can surprise you at times. It's a steal for what it's worth in the shop. The only thing worth mentioning is the small ammo pool. If not used responsibly, you will constantly find yourself using your secondary. Armors that supply extra magazines are recommended.

Background Story

During the initial years of the outbreak, one of the first military weapons to be repurposed and mass produced was the M16. Most had high hopes when purchasing the weapon, but were let down as they received a gun that jammed often, had low firepower and was overall a disappointment.

Seeking to remedy these mistakes, R-Brain Hardwork sought to create a new, higher quality version of the M16, and the M16A1 was born. Although the price and reputation of the weapon may turn off some, those who tried it spoke of it quite positively, leading to many changing their minds and using it.

The popularity of the new M16A1 led to an influx of cash for R-Brain Hardwork, which allowed them to create a new gun to combat that evil pumpkin on the horizon.


  • Switch to semi-firing mode to conserve ammunition when engaging normal zombies.
    • Semi-firing mode is more accurate than burst, and in the long run, saves you more ammo.
    • If you have a quick trigger finger, crouch and ADS for the best results.
    • Press "V" to change firing modes.
  • Engaging a Brute with this weapon at medium to far range is encouraged due to its high DPS, and a surprising amount of accuracy.
  • It's highly recommended to equip Bulldozer I when using this weapon, as in heated situations you'll burn through ammunition quickly. The extra mags could very well save you.
  • It is recommended for the user to space out their bursting in order to prevent losing accuracy than to spam it.
  • Bursting while ADS'ing requires vertical compensation.
  • It is best to use burst mode on a big horde of zombies, as you can wipe out most of the zombies if you have the ammo.
  • Use the M16A1's burst and high damage to quickly dispatch foes whenever jumping out of cover.
    • In Team Deathmatch, a well-aimed burst will quickly dispatch your opponents.



  • Price changed from 26,000$ to 18,000$ in v0.7.0.
    • Price further decreased from 18,000$ to 15,000$ in v1.0.7.
    • Finally, price changed from 15,000$ to 13,000$ in v1.1.3.
  • Converted from CSG to mesh in v0.7.8.
  • Accuracy changed from 85 to 95 in v0.8.0.
  • Rank changed from 10 to 8 in v1.1.3.
  • Ammo changed from 15/2 to 21/2 in v1.1.8.
  • Accuracy changed from 95 to 35 in v1.2.0.
    • Accuracy further changed from 35 to 47 in v1.2.4.

  • This was the first assault rifle to be ever added in R2DA.
  • This is considered the first returning weapon from R2D, so long you aren't counting the Colt Python as a reincarnation of the Revolver.
    • The M16 in R2D was exclusively burst fire, but this iteration has both semi and burst-fire.
  • In real life, the M16A1 has an automatic firing mode instead of a burst firing mode.
  • In Debug, this used to cost 28,000$.
  • Previously, to own the M16A1, you had to own both the M93R and the Skorpion.
  • One of the six weapons to be converted from CSG.
  • The M1A1 Thompson shares the same reload animation, but it is slightly slower than what is shown on the M16A1.
  • MIDI is a nice nod to the Equalizer skin collection from another zombie game, Unturned.


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