M.S Antares

"A better version of Bolivar!"


The M.S. Antares, or, "Motorship Antares", is a cargo ship, heavily inspired from R2D's Platypus. The name originates from a real cargoship.

Background Story

"We should have never boarded that god-forsaken ship. It showed up, a light in the darkness, over the horizon, as we neared the coast. With our gas running out, we decided to get the truck on there and get out of dodge. That idiotic captain told us that it was safe, that no infected had got on, or even been near it ... yeah, it seemed like he was telling the truth at first, but after an hour or two someone noticed noises coming from the containers in the basement. We could have just waited it out until we got somewhere a little bit more suitable for fighting what was likely to be quite a few infected, but no. Those dimwits opened it up, and this monstrosity tore a wooden support out of the floor and started tearing us to shreds. We lost seven men to that thing, and although we did defeat it, it left behind numerous holes in the starboard side of the ship, and tore open the other containers ... containing more of those braindead things.

The water leaking in didn't help."


The ship is small but long. On the lower deck, there is a cargo area. There is a small room at the end of the lower deck which contains a medkit. The top deck is littered with cargo crates and in one of them is a hole leading to the lower deck along with some space in lower deck as well as stairs that lead to the bridge. The bridge has two doors leading into it and an area in which the lever and radio are located, if you are playing in Campaign. Then there is the heli pad located ontop of the bridge with a ladder that survivors and Zombies can use with an ammo box there as well.


  • Beware of Elementals as they can knock you off the ship.
  • Diggers can also knock you off the map.
    • They can't Dig though, so don't worry about that.
  • Watch out for Brutes, due to the map size being small, You can be easily prone to flying clubs.
  • It's best to stay in a group over then being alone. As you can be overrun by zombies.
  • The hammer is banned in this map, don't bring it.
  • During Campaign, you can call the radio at any time, however it is advised to fix the Pipes first.
    • Even when you fix the pump, it is recommended to throw the Rations off the ship so the ship sinks slowly.
      • Ship sinks in 3 minutes with no pump.
      • Ship sinks in 2 minutes with no pump and if you don't throw the Rations off.
  • Due to the rather small size of the map, make sure to bring explosives such as the Grenade or RPG as the blast radius is enough to cover a good portion of the map.
    • You should also keep your distance when using those weapons as well. You wouldn't want to get blown up.
  • Diggers cannot dig in this map.


  • The map started off as a Platypus remake but later became its own map.
  • Near the stern of the ship, the name of the ship can be found.
    • The original name was "M.S Antarnes", based on the name of a real Cargo ship but when the engraving of the ship was made, it was misspelt as "Antares".
  • Stalker and Edgar are disabled on this map.
    • This is also the first map to have them disabled.
  • This is the smallest map in R2DA.
    • Not counting Porta Coeli II, as that map was removed.
      • Some could say Foxriver Prison is smaller but since the addition of Ice, it was made larger
  • Like Foxriver Prison and S.S. Boliviar this has an 11 player restriction during Arena.
    • However, this used to have a 16 player limit during Survival.
  • It was made, submitted and accepted before S.S. Boliviar, technically speaking this is the 2nd boat map, right after Porta Coeli II.
    • In terms of chronological order, this is 3rd.
  • Scattered across the map, many cans of ENERGY can be found. It is speculated that this ship is responsible for the beverages shipment. However, the beverage was contaminated by radioactive materials, infecting anyone who drinks it.
  • Strangely, this map doesn't have Survival Unlimited, although the only other map not to have one is another greenlight map, Sunny Seaside.
  • Interestingly, if you go into spectate mode and go very far up above the boat, you can find the empty Victory Screen room, yet to be used.
  • The "Cargo Swing", located next to spawn, has been known to fling people, and can be accelerated to crazy speeds. There are unconfirmed reports of it causing people to be PERM-banned automatically. It is possible that it activates the automatic system for exploit detection. Such bans may not show a reason, leaving it blank. Please report this if it happens to you.
    • Keep in mind these are unconfirmed, however you might not wish to try it out.
  • Due to ROBLOX updates, the campaign version of the map can be very buggy, so beware.
    • There are reports of flinging, falling through the boat and spawning in water.

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