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"The good ol' pocket sniper, arguably better than the Dragunov for taking out zombies at long distance"


The Luger P08 is an infamous light, accurate and long ranged handgun. This was one of the first semi-automatic pistols in history.

Background Story

You may have noticed a pattern with many, many of the Weapon Manufacturer's latest releases.

They're mostly outdated. Weapons of old. Surely not the most efficient choices against zombies - there are far more modern and adaptable weapons to choose from. Yes, the Luger P08 does have its upsides. Like many other weapons of war, it was built to be accurate, reliable, easy to manufacture and clean. It's not all bad. In fact, it's a pocket sniper!

But, simply put... Most modern blueprints were destroyed in the wake of the apocalypse, and all that remains are the guns of old - preserved in hundreds of history books and museums alike.

So we're stuck with this, the Luger P08, R-Brain Hardwork hopes it will please.


  • You should try to aim for headshots with this weapon to get one-shot kills.
  • Use this secondary to pick off enemies from afar.
    • The Luger P08 can be great against Edgars trying to grab you from afar.
    • The Luger P08 is also useful against Leapers from afar.
    • Try to conserve ammo. It is unlikely you will use it to pick off a Brute from afar.
      • It is recommended to wear armors that grant magazines, such as the Bulldozer I, to increase ammo capacity.
  • The recoil is pretty high, even at hipfire. Take your time between each shot.
  • Do not treat the Luger P08 as a panic weapon. Spamming it will likely lead to you missing most of your shots.
  • This weapon pairs very well with the M249 using the Hipfire attachment, since it can take out those zombies just out of range of your M249.
    • It also fares well with any automatic, aside from the Minigun, due to their relative inaccuracy.
  • This weapon is great in Free For All because of the long range.
    • The Luger P08 pairs well with shotguns (such as the Shotty 12) to deal with out of range mobs.


  • High Accuracy
  • High Range
  • High Damage
  • Quick Reload


  • No Attachments
  • Expensive
  • High Ranked



  • v1.3.9
    • Rank changed from 35 to 32.
    • Ammo changed from 8/1 to 8/2.
    • Rate of fire lowered.
    • Changed animations.
  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 32 to 44.
  • v1.5.3
    • ROF changed from 0.19s to 0.09s.

  • The Luger P08 is the second World War era weapon, after the M1A1 Thompson, to be added to R2DA.
    • It is the first World War era handgun to be added to R2DA.
  • Prior to v1.3.9, the Luger P08 was the first firearm in R2DA to be wielded without the support of the left hand.
    • After v1.3.9 this animation has been changed to use 2 hands instead of only 1.
  • Prior to v1.3.9, the Luger P08 used to fire much faster, due to a bug.
  • The recoil effect on the Luger P08 is not realistic, although the whole slide does move back and locks at the joint, it happens in milliseconds, and not as long as shown in-game.
  • In real-life, the Luger P08 has a slightly shorter barrel than the one we see in-game.
  • In Debug, this was unlocked at Rank 2 and was purchasable for 10,000$, presumably for testing.
  • After v1.3.9, the Luger P08 sights became broken, if you ADS. It will not steady and will continually motion up and down.