The Loading screen is a GUI screen here a map start or load.

There are 3 types of Loading Screens, the entire game Loading Screen, the map Loading Screen, and the teleport Loading Screen.

Game Loading Screen

This is the Loading Screen in which you see when you enter the universe that you have chosen. The intro starts with the first 5 players in the Past Weekly Leaderboards with PlaceRebuilder. Afterwards, the R2DA Logo will appear with a splash screen underneath. A loading percentage will appear but it would normally go to the menu after 1 minute.

Very little has changed with this loading screen with the exception of the changing R2DA Logo.

During Christmas 2016, the whole sequence was dropped in favour of a whole new screen where Christmas related items come up. To go to the menu you had to press "Continue" in the left-top hand corner.

Map Loading Screen

This Loading Screen shows the map you are about to play in the middle with a loading bar at the bottom with various 'helpful' texts. Also included is the map name, whether you can swim in the map or not and the Developer.

Various changes have been implemented from a simple screen with the map you are about to play with a loading bar.

Remember that if your connection is slow, you might get how the community calls it, a "Late spawn". It doesn't happen often but you will find yourself just spawned while others will already be deeper on the map.

Teleporting Loading Screen

This Loading Screen is shown whenever you are transferred to a server. It has a light blue tint and in the middle is the word "Loading..." in large, white bubble letters. If you do not have a strong internet connection, you might have a chance of getting stuck on this screen forever and you have to rejoin. This seems to have been removed in v1.2.0 because this loading screen removed the red text box, which would have indicated if something went wrong.

This was readded in v1.2.5, this time with a background. During the Halloween Event 2018, the background was the Halloween Zombies and Trick O' Threat Town. After v1.2.6, it was Terminal Decay.


  • The Map Loading Screen is often screenshots of gameplay on that map.
  • A special Loading Screen, released on v1.0.9 played once when R2DA was first opened, talking about Jesus, ending with "Merry Christmas Sincerely, Place"
    • This was part of the 2017 Christmas Event.
    • It was removed during v1.0.9b.
    • One point of the screen states, "Christmas is for ________" with the blank having random groups or specific people.
    • Once it ended, the Mode selection screen would pull up.
  • In the Game Loading Screen after leaderboards were removed, the 5 users that would show up (by default) were: EvilCreation, CrystleJex, StreetBuilder, RankedRecon and another person.
    • After the server has been up for a while, the first 5 players to join the server are shown in the Game Loading Screen.

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