The Loading Screen is a GUI screen where you wait for something to load.

There are 3 types of Loading Screens, the entire game Loading Screen, the map Loading Screen and the teleport Loading Screen.

Loading Appearance


All iterations of Game Loading Screen
All R2DA Intros (2016-2020)

All R2DA Intros (2016-2020)



R2DA Christmas 2016 Intro

R2DA Christmas 2016 Intro

R2DA Christmas Intro 2017

R2DA Christmas Intro 2017


R2DA Christmas 2019 Intro

R2DA Christmas 2019 Intro

Game Loading Screen

This is the Loading Screen in which you see when you enter the universe that you have chosen. Prior to the discontinuation of Player Points starts with the first 5 players in the Past Weekly Leaderboards with PlaceRebuilder. Now, the first five people to join a server appear on the Loading Screen. Afterwards, the R2DA Logo will appear with a splash screen underneath. A loading percentage will appear but it would normally go to the menu after 30 seconds.

There have been 11 iterations of the Game Loading Screen.

During Christmas 2016, the whole sequence was dropped in favour of a whole new screen where Christmas related items come up. To go to the menu you had to press "Continue" in the left-top hand corner. This is only played once.

During Christmas 2019, the whole sequence was dropped again in favour of a whole new screen where Christmas related items come up. To go to the menu you had to press "Continue" in the left-top hand corner. This is played whenever you joined R2DA.

Game Loading Quotes

Note that some of these quotes use incorrect spelling/grammar. These quotes have been quoted directly from the game. Also note that some of these quotes are added/removed when relevant.


  • Made by PlaceRebuilder.
  • Free 2 Play
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Cookie jar
  • Quality Update
  • PlaceRebuilder liked this game.
  • Post apocalypse
  • Now with prestige
  • Re-balanced
  • Join the Revolution!
  • Like or hate? Press Like!
  • Now on Xbox!
  • Now on Tablet!
  • Post Apocalypse
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • King Cherrycake
  • Now with fewer bugs
  • New Maps!
  • Prestige!
  • Golden skins.
  • Now as Group-game!
  • Say Hi to Kord!
  • Community Created
  • FN Fal on sale now!
  • Interested in a Dead... Vacation?


  • Halloween Update (2017)
  • 8H44IO (2017)
  • NIKLAM (2017)
  • Where's my candy? (2018)
  • You got Boneless swords? (2018)
  • Ow! (2018)
  • The pumpkin is treacherous (2018)
  • Hehehee.. (2018)
  • Where's my candy? (2018)
  • Halloween Special! (2019)


  • Get Twittercodes! (2016)
  • Christmas Carols! (2016)
  • Birth of Jesus! (2016)
  • Peace with God (Christmas 2016)
  • Who is this child? (Christmas 2016)
  • Merry Christmas - PlaceRebuilder (Christmas 2016)
  • Christmas Update! (2017)
  • The saviour is born! (2017, 2018)
  • Snowballs 4 Sale (2018)
  • Christ is Born! (2018)
  • Woooh! (2018)
  • God Fortsättning (2019)
  • The snowy season (2019)
  • Time to celebrate! (2019)
  • Mistletoe (: (2018, 2019)
  • Happy New Year! (2019)
  • 2020! (2019)

Map Loading Screen

This Loading Screen shows the map you are about to play in the middle with a loading bar at the bottom with various "helpful" texts. Also included is the map name, the Developer and whether you can swim in the map or not.

Various changes have been implemented from a simple screen with the map you are about to play with a loading bar.

Remember that if your connection is slow, you might get, how the community calls it, a "Late Spawn". It doesn't happen often but you will find yourself just spawned while others will already have explored the map.

Map Loading Quotes

Note that some of these quotes use incorrect spelling/grammar. These quotes have been quoted directly from the game.

  • Did you know healthpacks can be used to regain health?
  • Get 50% EXP party-share as long as all party members are alive
  • Don't stay under water too long, you'll suffocate
  • You can press SPACE to jump, but only if you got enough energy!
  • Do you LAG? Lower graphics in Settings > Graphics Quality
  • Visit the wikia at!
    Used to be: Visit the wikia at!
  • Use the WASD keys to walk!
  • If your healthbar reach 0HP you die.
  • When you die as a survivor, you respawn as a zombie.
  • Vitamins gives your health, but only temporarily!
    Used to be: Pills gives your health, but only temporarily!
  • Keep survivors alive to win by using your supplies
  • Click a name in leaderboard and press mute to mute that player
  • Did you know you can use bullets to kill zombies?
  • Play in third person mode to increase situational awareness.
  • Groups of coordinated survivors survive longer. Stick together!
  • Maps may have certain special places for tactical advantages.
  • Don't go to close to a zombie, it will hurt you!
  • First 5 players to join a server are shown in the intro
    Used to be Top 3 playerpoints players are shown in the intro
  • Do Contracts to earn faster Exp!
  • Take a break.. or what do I care? I'm just text!
  • Did you know some weapons are better than others?
  • You can disable blood in Menu > Settings > Other
  • You can enable translucent arms on Menu settins
  • Did you know Headshots does double damage?
  • Don't bathe in radioactive material, you won't evolve.
  • Leapers easily eat lonely survivors, dont go alone!
  • Did you know you get +10HP for being in the R2D Community?
  • Is your mouse still too fast? Adjust your Mouse speed in Menu > Settings > Controls
  • Say 'give cake' to give yourself cake (if you own 1+ Cakes)
  • Upgrade your zombie in Deadvelopment center
  • Press 'X' as a zombie to enable nightvision!
  • Go prestige to earn more unlock Golden skincrate

Teleporting Loading Screen

The first type of this Loading Screen was shown whenever you are transferred to a server. It has a light blue tint and in the middle is the word "Loading..." in large, white bubble letters. If you do not have a strong internet connection, you might have a chance of getting stuck on this screen forever and you have to rejoin. This was removed in v1.2.0 because this loading screen removed the red text box, which would have indicated if something went wrong.

This was readded in v1.2.5, this time with a background. During the Halloween Event 2018, the background included the Halloween Costumes 2018 and Trick O' Threat Town. After v1.2.6, it was Terminal Decay.


  • The Map Loading Screen is often screenshots of gameplay on that map.
  • A special Loading Screen, released on v1.0.9 played once when R2DA was first opened, talking about Jesus, ending with "Merry Christmas Sincerely, Place".
    • This was part of the 2017 Christmas Event.
    • It was removed in v1.0.9b.
    • One point of the screen states, "Christmas is for ________" with the blank having random groups or specific people.
    • Once it ended, the universe screen would pull up.
  • On the Game Loading Screen, after leaderboards were removed, the 5 users show up are picked at random from PlaceRebuilder's friend list.
    • After the server has been up for a while, the first 5 players to join the server are shown in the Game Loading Screen.

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