"I did not fail a thosand times in bringing the light bulb to the light house, I just discovered a thousand different ways that did not work."
―Thomas Edison


The Lightbulb is a Campaign item used during Coastline Clash Campaign. It is the replacement bulb for the lighthouse which is found in the room at the bottom of the large well. You can obtain it after you turn on the valve and you explode the Wooden Barrels with the Flare.

Background Story

These gigantic lightbulbs were stowed away in an underground base on the fair isles. Seems far more convenient to keep them near the lighthouse, but it was only a short ferry ride away, so who cares?


  • Use this to replace the broken bulb in the lighthouse on Coastline Clash Campaign.
  • Use the Zipline Raft to effectively get this to the lighthouse.
  • Make sure that you do not equip anything while carrying the Lightbulb to the lighthouse as it will break if you do.
    • You should also be aware of being tripped while carrying it, especially by Diggers.
      • Bring grabbed by the Stalker doesn't break the Lightbulb.
    • You will break the Lightbulb if you use your mount.
    • If you break the Lightbulb while carrying it to the lighthouse, you will have to go back and get another one.
  • You can only Punch and Kick and block to defend yourself, if you have the Lightbulb.
  • Make sure to protect the person who is carrying the Lightbulb as they are very vulnerable.


  • This is the first item to break.

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