"This scope would be nice if I actually had the Barrett to begin with."


It's a scope for the Barrett 50. Cal!

Nothing like a straight upgrade to help you survive.

Background Story

Like with all great snipers, you need a good scope. Every sniper had a pair to go along with it.

The Remington had the Vortex Viper, and the Dragunov had the PSO-1 Scope. Clearly, the Barrett was missing something.

Considered a mix of both the Vortex and the PSO, R-Brain Hardwork thought that this was the best way of creating a great scope. To this day, many survivors have attributed many kills and even to their survival to this piece of craftsmanship.


  • Your camera moves slightly to the left when zoomed in.
    • This happens with every scope.
  • Due to high recoil, take it slow so you can make every shot count.
    • You will exit scoping after every shot.



  • Skin support added in v1.1.4.

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